The Bible

I was at my bi-weekly mom’s group this morning at the Church while my youngest son was in the babysitting room with other kids during this time.  I found this meeting inspirational.  We watched more of the Symbolon dvds.  This week’s theme/episode was about the Bible.

The Bible is the Word of God.  This is inspiration that God breathed into it.  This is God’s love letter to humanity.  God is the common author. The Bible has 73 books total but it all tells one story of salvation. All of these books are connected because it shares the story of God’s relationship with his people.

However, God and men are both authors. It conclusively gives sacred scriptures.  God would use men to write whatever God wanted and nothing more. The Bible is the truth.  It gives us the training in righteousness.  God does speak to us personally through the Bible.  This is his primary way of communication towards us.   We get to know Jesus through the scriptures as well.  We are part of God’s love story too. So if we want a relationship with Him,  we need to read His Word and see how he wants us to respond to Him in prayer.

This make me feel like through this group and the Symbolon dvds that I can grow more in faith. I can enable in a deeper understanding of the Scriptures in leading my Christian life and understanding Christ through his Word.


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