War Room–The Movie

My husband and I went to see War Room on Saturday.  I had been hearing about the movie for a while now…. all started with Kirk Cameron advocating people to go see it when it came out in August on Facebook and I have some online friends in the US who also saw it.

War Room is absolutely different.  It has nothing to do with army war at all.   It’s honestly a very Christian movie.  War Room is actually a prayer room/closet.  Where you can pray and fight for your battles. Where you can go to God in prayer.   Asking Him to help you with any battles that you have in your life… yourself, family, marriage, friends, etc.  That you can fight against Satan.  That you can be a bold warrior.  It’s a very moving experience. We really loved the movie.   It can really change your life.   That we want to fight together with God.  The only enemy in life is really Satan… any evils/temptations that isn’t glorifying  Him, that keeps you away from wanting Him, loving Jesus.   Prayer is a powerful weapon.

War Room has the same creators from Fireproof and Courageous.   You hear some scriptures from the Bible in the movie.

This was passionately said in the movie in Elizabeth’s war room: Submit to God.  Resist the devil and he will flee from you.  James 4:7

Prior to the movie… we had gone to mass at church and it was so fitting that we would have more in depth of our Christian life watching the movie.  We discussed more in depth of our marriage and family following the movie while having a late dinner out. That we wanted more of a prayer life as a couple and as a family.  We were more transparent with each other with our sins and that we want to be able to be free more together and with God.

I do have my war room on my phone basically, because I get emails daily in praying for my marriage. I do also pray throughout the day when I need to be thankful and asking for help in my battles as a mom, as a wife, and as just me, and of course for my family, and friends.  I’ve been learning more scriptures this past year. This was my goal since January.  The bible app has been such a great tool in helping me digitally, and I’ve read some chapters too.   So I feel like I’ve been walking with the Lord a bit more each day.   The movie has reminded me that I am still a warrior and that I should continue to fight and allow God to do the heavy lifting too.  That the enemy isn’t anyone but the devil himself.  The devil steals, kills and destroys.

Do see the movie… it will change you so much.  It brings so much stuff to light.  Remember we are all are sinners. That God does love us.   God is all powerful and loving too.  He does forgive us when we ask Him to.


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