Divine Revelation

I have been attending the mom’s group at my church for the last couple sessions.  Today and two weeks ago. We’re getting together every other Tuesday mornings for a couple hours.  We talk about the Catholic faith through the Symbolon dvds.  It’s mainly used in the RCIA programs but it’s also shared with other groups in the Church. So I’m glad it’s shared with us mothers.  It’s really good. It’s very straightforward and explained well. I like it.

Today was about the divine revelation.  It talked about how is about God revealing himself to man.  The fullness of his revelation is Jesus Christ.   The deposit of faith is through the apostles who are then successors who would be bishops.

Sacred tradition is by word of mouth or by letter.   It’s the way of life.   Sacred scripture is unbiblical, unhistorical and unworkable.

Divine revelation is God revealing himself and to man and to magisterium of the church.

I love how they said how they compared and referenced unveiling with God and marriage.  God reveals to us as how the bride reveals herself to the Church.

I’m still learning… so I did grow up in the Church (and did step away from the church for the last few years while still loving Christ) but I never really went deeper in my faith until this year. I’m growing in understanding and love for God, Jesus, and the Church.  My faith continues to thrive a little more every day.   We are all sinners, so we will all fail one way or another. As long we keep our focus on Jesus, we can find our way back. He will keep guiding us there.  Everything keeps molding me… my husband, my kids, my immediate family, friends, my church, prayer, bible app, Christian books and blogs, and more.  I’m still amazed regardless of my setbacks, I’m still changing.  It never stops until we’re home with Jesus, whenever that time comes.  I am only living for today. Only God knows tomorrow and the future. It’s like I’m finding myself more all the time with God as my Father.  I’m his daughter.

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