Sex Isn’t Just for Men… It’s for Women too!

Most men generally have more need for sex than women, especially physically but women want it too, more likely in emotional stance.  But  God made sex for both men and women.    Women can crave sex too.  I am one of the few that do have a high sex drive.  But I keep it in check where it’s just not a physical need, but it is a emotional and spiritual need too.

“God designed sex  to be a mutually satisfying  experience.  Both of us are supposed to enjoy it. It’s supposed to make both of us feel more intimate. Both of us need it. “(Gregoire, 171).

The Bible says in 1 Corthinthians 1:7 that the wife’s body belongs to the husband but also the husband’s body also belongs to the wife.

Sex gives closeness and connection with your spouse.   Some days sex can be a quickie or  if time permits, it can be relaxing and longer.

In our early dating days,  I wanted sex just to be basically the main event because it felt good. So there wasn’t a whole lot of slowness or foreplay or making out.  It was just like take your clothes off, and just be intimate that way.   Over the course of our relationship and marriage,  I started to realize that I  could benefit from slow and romantic sex too. But my husband was trained for so long in our sexual encounters in the faster way, it took a while.   Even then today, the fast sex is still  habitual, because we have kids in our lives now.   We definitely try to attempt to really enjoy sex completely as in the whole package, physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally.  We’re not always on the same level sexually but we try to indicate often.   And I like to cuddle, before and after sex.   We didn’t always cuddle that way in our early dating days, but we definitely do now that we’ve had years of being comfortable with each other and now very much connected with each other in all areas of our marriage.  

Despite my past of having had sex with other guys before my husband, I still see my husband incredibly desirable and sexy.  Because of who he is all around.  He’s the only one who I saw as the one for my life.  He knows me better than anyone, and has never judged me for who I am.  I am deeply intimate with him. I share my heart, my body and my mind with him.

“Intimacy is about sharing something with your spouse that  you don’t share with anyone else.  It’s letting him in. It’s laughing together. And it’s also feeling that deep hunger for each other. “(Gregoire, 182).

I love making love with my husband.   It’s much more intimate when we’re both in the same state emotionally, physically, and spiritually and sexually.  My husband has been the only one who has given me the fireworks.  Orgasm and all.   The bliss I get after sex.  Granted I don’t get this all the time, but I definitely appreciate this much more.   I am still in awe that I am still desiring my husband.. .after 14 years, and everything that we’ve been through for our friendship, our relationship and our marriage.  My husband is my everything. He is mine.

When you feel so connected with your spouse,  especially when you have been sexually, it’s a lot easier to work on everything in your relationship with them outside of the bedroom.

It’s why when we first started dating, I wanted our relationship to blossom through emotionally, mentally and spiritually, and then when I felt it was time to have sex, it actually ended up becoming making love.  But I know that at some point, that concept of making love was like on a roller coaster for the longest time… up and down, and repeat.   

We’ve worked our way back to when we were like in our early dating days and want to keep dating each other. It’s not quite the same but it’s close enough and much better now.  So our marriage for the last two years have been really amazing overall, and sex has been much better connected over all.   It’s more real to the core.  And we’ve directed God more into our hearts, mind and soul and our marriage.  Because we want to stay committed in all aspects together.  10 years next year, that we’ll have been married for, and that’s pretty amazing.  We started dating near the end of high school, and still together, with all the highs and lows combined.  

It’s always good to keep checking in.. making sure that both of you are still good with each other. Do speak up your needs.  We can’t always read your minds and  they can’t either.  My husband is transparent more and I am too with our hearts.  I always reassure my husband that it’s okay and that I still love him especially when he wants to make love emotionally but physically he can’t.  Effects of his lower sex drive.  I love any time that we have together alone, sexually or not.   Keep encouraging each other that you only have eyes for each other.

About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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