Realistic Sex

It’s obvious that sex is seen and mentioned everywhere in this world.  In movies, books, magazines and pornography.   Sex is sexualized in a certain view, certain way, and everything imaginative and all.  The reality is that when sex is shared to you in one way or another, it’s altered. It’s not realistic.  It’s a fantasy.   And it’s all physical. That’s it.  It’s used, lack of respect, and more.  It gives you the illusion that you want more.

Sex in real life, even in marriages are not always fireworks.   You might not always feel amazing all the time. You might not orgasm every time.    That’s okay.  It’s part of life.  

Sex is so much more than physical.   It’s also connected emotionally, spiritually, and mentally.

God gave us the gift of sex. It’s beautiful.  It celebrates oneness.  True oneness especially if you are married.

I did have premarital sex in my teens.  I had sex with someone else before my husband.  I knew sex meant so much more than the whole feeling of penis in vagina deal.   I didn’t have or feel the whole package of what sex actually brings until I got romantically involved with my husband, and he gave me the fireworks that first night we made love.  That’s when sex turned into making love.

We’ve been together for almost 14. 5 years now, married for almost 9.5 years.   Of course, sex wasn’t always sweet and memorable.  There’s been lots of times where sex was just sex, and no real emotion involved.   Of course, I love it when we are both mutually desiring each other and we have this high incredible heat of the moment.  And the emotional connection is strong just as much as the physical.  I knew that in our early dating days, that I couldn’t have it any better than with my husband and I still feel like that today.

I definitely respect sex and my husband better now than I did in our early dating days though. I was definitely more all about me.  But I realize that sex is for US, not just me.  It’s both me and my husband.  We’re the unity that makes sex pure and special.  

And sex doesn’t always happen everyday.  I would love that, but it’s not always realistic.  kids, work, and other things take up our energy.     But the days/nights that we don’t, I love that we still attempt at physical touch and closeness.   Like for example, last night. it didn’t happen.   I still curled up with my husband.   He spooned me when we went to sleep. I was thinking, I have this awesome man. He’s my husband and father to my kids. I have him every day.  He still wants me for everything.   I’m his life. That my husband is mine.  That made me feel so much better. That I love him and can pursue sex another time when he is actually in the mood.  We have all of our lives to connect 🙂

So celebrate you and your marriage, and that sex is beautiful no matter what.   Marriage is your own love story, and so is sex.  Sex can be what is you have today with your husband.  Desire  him and respect him.  Maintain closeness, even if it doesn’t happen tonight. Rejoice in love.   Husband and wives are oneness.  Your body is his, and his is yours.


About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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