Intimacy and Transparency In Marriage

Intimacy and Transparency  are important in marriage.  It helps to mold it, protect it, and grow in love.

Intimacy is not only about sex.  You can also find intimacy with communication, doing something that is a hobby or activity together, serving together, sitting together, playing a game. 

I love being intimate with my husband as much I can.  I love sitting with him when he’s on the couch and at dinner time, and of course in bed.   We certainly try to do something together whenever possible.  We played scrabble with just us two near the end of August.  We did recently have a game night on Tuesday with Isaiah’s sister and fiancé though.

Transparency is about sharing your whole heart with your spouse.  Not withholding anything.  Sharing stuff that he doesn’t know and all.   Almost two and half years ago, we were being very transparent with each other when we were literally at the tail end of our marriage and had this big talk with each other.  God was definitely nudging both of us. Because it is really important.  It helps you know more of  the realness of your spouse and understanding them.  I mean certainly we had been transparent with each other throughout our entire relationship to a degree, but we truly are 100% transparent with each other now.  We are completely honest and open with each other daily.  It helps grow our love for each other more fiercely and deeply and it also decreases any doubt or fear in anything.   We are to build each other up and keep encouraging each other.   We are to love and be brave together.  Knowing that we are on the same team and trust each other.

About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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