Being Neighbours In Your Marriage

I’ve started to read this book “Nine Thoughts That Can Change Your Marriage” by Sheila Wray Gregoire. She is also an Christian blogger online for “To Love, Honor and Vacuum“. I follow her on Facebook as well.  I love that she is an Canadian.   Anyway, in the first chapter, she talks about loving your husband as a neighbor.   You know how in the bible, it states love your neighbor as you love yourself.

“Your husband is your neighbor. Your husband deserves to have you love him as you love yourself. And that means it should matter to you if he feels unloved, even if you feel unloved too” (Gregoire, 18).  

A good neighbor is being kind.   So we have to be kind to our spouses too, just as we would to someone else. Acts of kindness can be like making coffee for him, praising him to others when he’s around like the kids or your friends, giving him back rubs. This way,  you don’t see each other as strangers.  You care and you love him too.

It makes sense totally to see your husband as neighbor too! Because you are married to him and living with him. You are with him everyday.   Your husband is God’s gift too. God wants us living in one flesh. He wants us to live in a Christ-like marriage. So being neighborly to each other is glorifying Him.  

My husband and I have definitely have been kind to each other off and on throughout our relationship for the past 14 years, but we have definitely upped our kindness and being more neighborly to each other for the last two years. I definitely make coffee for him every day.   I sort the blue boxes for him especially when it’s about to be garbage night so that he doesn’t have to. My husband rubs my back even when I don’t ask. He books me a massage when I feel really stressed out really bad.. These are random acts of kindness.   Kindness is one of the many ways to start and keep having a great marriage!


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