Dancing Through Life: Book Review

I just finished reading Dancing Through Life: Steps and Conviction by Candace Cameron Bure with Erin Davis.   It’s a beautiful book.   You all may know Candace best as DJ Tanner from the family show “Full House“.   I love how Candace shares her faith in the book as she reveals her dancing experience on the show on “Dancing With the Stars“.    She found the Lord at a young age, while still acting on Full House.  She is a Christian actor.  She had to fight to stay true to herself even more during her time on DWTS.   Her faith in the Lord grew more. Candace learned grace, rejection, perfectionism, disappointment, accountability, criticism, joy, and etc.   She applies her faith to her family life with her husband, Val and her three kids on a daily basis. She was a stay at home mom and wife for 10 years. She had taken that time off from acting and used that time to speak all over churches about Jesus and her faith.   Candace shares scriptures in this book in depth of all the things that she went through.  God really is amazing.   Candace is beautiful inside and out.  She really shines because of the Lord.   In everything that she does for herself, her family, her friends, for work, it’s all done in love and it glorifies Him.  

I don’t watch DWTS and didn’t either when Candace was on there (Season 18), but I loved that her dancing partner, Mark Ballas was also a Christian.  She brought him up with respect in her book.  He would pray with her, encourage her both at her best and worst moments. Mark was gentle and patient with her with all the dancing routines.  He respected any changes that Candace wanted in the chorography.  She didn’t want to come off too intimate. So all her dances were more graceful, dancing side by side with him.  Candace had no real professional dancing experience. She only had one time experience with her sister as a child and then only a few dancing lessons with her dad at 16 doing ballroom. So everything done on DWTS was all completely new to Candace and affected her in all areas…. physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, etc.  They spent several hours together in the studio each week to learn and practice together even with the cameras around. 

 I loved that Candace found the whole experience from the beginning to the finals very worthwhile.  Like a marriage, it was messy but beautiful at the same time. It was hard but she learned to enjoy it and be herself as well.  Candace had so much support from her family, friends, her Christian prayer team. Even the DWTS producers and judges saw her image shining.  That she can be bold and confident and sexy in the right way.

I grew up watching Full House.  I admit at the time, Jodie Sweetin as Stephanie was my favorite character but I still loved Candace playing DJ Tanner too.    In the past year, I’ve started to follow Candace on Facebook and Instagram.  I love seeing her beautifully happy. I love that she is still tight-knitted with her Full House family.  Her full house family basically became her 2nd family.  Well, she was on the set more than at home! So she grew up with the cast too!  Remember her best friend on Full House, Kimmy Gibbler?  Well, they are besties in real life too.  She has also remained a close relationship with Jodie (Stephanie) , Lori (Aunt Becky),  John Stamos (Uncle Jesse),  Dave Coulier (Uncle Joey), Bob Saget (Danny Tanner).   They even were in attendance for Candace’s third week on DWTS plus DJ’s boyfriend “Steve”, as it was in honor of DJ Candy Ball and “Blue Suede Shoes”–Elvis (Uncle Jesse!). I love that my own husband also has grown up watching Full House too.   I’ve started to watch some of her Hallmark movies because it still shows her Christian faith.  

I loved that Candace talked about attitude and joy in her book. Especially in Chapter 4, titled “A Clean Slate”.  This is where she shares her most memorable year.. 1995.  Full House ends.  Her husband, Val Bure had proposed to her.  She went from childhood to adulthood.  Her 3rd dance as I mentioned above was dedicated to Full House. She had attitude issues while practicing with Mark for the live show that week.  She was frustrated.  Mark had helped her shift her focus.  Mark could see right through her with her body language and all.    Attitude really affects everything in life.. It all starts with what you do or say!  Candace turned to Jesus.  She  does love Him and wanted to be more like Christ. So she prayed and read the Bible.  Candace learned to have fun.  Candace stresses that joy is mentioned throughout the Bible. Joy is important, even through the hard times too! She learned to apply that too with her family life.  I’m sharing the following joy scriptures she shared in that chapter of her book because I believe that everyone could use that encouragement too, even myself… God is wise! This is taken from page 52 in “Dancing Through Life” 

  • Galatians 5:22 lists Joy as the fruit of the Spirit. It is what hangs from our lives because of Jesus

  • 1 Chronicles 16:33 says that God made even the trees of the forest to sing for joy. Ever seen a beautiful tree swaying in the breeze? That is joy on display!

  • Esther 8:16 says that God’s people have light and joy and gladness and honor. Joy is one of the hallmarks of believers.

  • In Psalms 5:11 and Psalm 68:3 God commands us to be joyful.

  • 2 Corinthians 7:4 says we can be overflowing with joy  even in times of affliction

  • Splendor and majesty are before Him; strength and joy are in His place–Chronicles 16:27

  • Be glad in the Lord and rejoice, you righteous ones; shout for joy, all you upright in heart–Psalm 32:11 

I also follow Candace’s brother, Kirk Cameron  on Facebook.  He is also a Christian too!  You all may know him best as Mike from the show “Growing Pains“.  I used to watch the show as a child too, and so did my husband.   Kirk has 6 kids. 4 of them whom are adopted.  I’ve also started to watch some of his movies.  He’s also well known from “Fireproof”. That is really amazing in depth  movie.  My husband loves Kirk too.  He follows him on Facebook too.  (Candace does have two other sisters, so you know!)

I’m really excited that Candace and the Full House crew will be back on TV again in 2016.   Via Netflix,  The show is named “Fuller House“.  DJ Tanner has grown up.  She is a single mom with three kids and gets help from sister Stephanie and her bestie, Kimmy.   I can’t wait for me and my husband to watch it together next year!

Thus, Candace Cameron Bure is really amazing. Go buy her “Dancing Through Life” book. It really gives you really great insight into what she is and how powerful Jesus is to her. She encourages that you can be awesome like her. Bold, confident and sexy through Jesus. It’s not so much of your sexuality. It’s more what its on the inside of you.  Your heart.   Really, your heart is the soul!  Your soul tends to shine more especially if you are growing in Christ.  Remember you live in Christ’s body.  God had made us and does love us.   I learn more every day how to act and live like Jesus.  We’re all sinners, but we can grow gracefully with God’s help and really shine like Him!  Remember all that you do affects everything, including Him! God is beyond the sky. He never changes.  He has everlasting forgiveness, love, patience, grace, and more.  We let Him in,  we ask Him, and we are given more!

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