Sleeping Together

I love sleeping with my husband.  I don’t just mean sex.   I mean actually sleeping with him.   I love sharing the same bed with him.    It’s one of the best perks of being married.   Now, we did sleep together in the same bed before we got married though.  We used to have sleepovers at his mom’s house before we moved in  together to an apartment.   I love being close with my husband.  My husband’s arms is my favorite place to fall asleep in.  I’m big on touch. So just not sexually, but just general physical touch too.  I love it when we cuddle, hug, kiss, and just sleep side by side together.  

We’ve been together for 14 years and married for 9 of those (and been living together for 10 years).  So we’ve gotten used to everything in bed.  Morning breath, noises, opposite body temperatures (I’ll be cold, he’ll be hot or the opposite), farts, etc.  We are comfortable together, and we don’t care.  We’ve conceived our kids in a bed.    

Sleeping together advocates nighttime intimacy.   Now, it’s not always every night that we have sex in the middle of the night, but we generally do before actually going to sleep most nights.   We are able to connect and just be alone at bedtime.

  It’s rare actually if we sleep apart, like not in the same bed.  If my husband pisses me off with something, then I will retreat to the couch for a few hours and then come back up which is once in a blue moon.  Or if I was breastfeeding (like with Austin), he slept on the couch for a couple weeks.   I’ve only been away from him three times in our marriage…. my 2011 weekend trip in NY with my mom, Joey’s wedding in Michigan this past March (2015) and my husband’s recent bachelor trip for his friend about 3-4 weeks ago in Toronto.

Because my husband does shift work at Toyota, our sleeping schedule is not always the same.  Day shift–we go to bed together, usually about 10-11pm. We get a couple hours of unwinding after our kids are in bed themselves.   Night shift–I’m in the bed myself for most of the night as my husband works from 5:45pm to 4:15 am so he doesn’t usually get home till about 5:15 am.  So I only get about a couple hours to sleep with him before I am awake for the day with our kids.  So we both absolutely hate night shift because we don’t like being apart and not being able to unwind together.  Sleeping alone isn’t fun. Because you feel alone.

I’ve been blessed this summer though.  My husband got some vacation time for a week in late June into July for a week, and then 2 weeks mid-July, and then just finished two weeks off for this month.  So  I’ve really enjoyed US being able to sleep together every day a lot this summer.   Now it’s back to reality, and day shift doesn’t start up again for another two weeks.  Boo!

I feel so comforted and calm when we sleep together.  Now, we don’t always have the best sleep either way, if we sleep together or not, but I still treasure every night that I do have to sleep with him.  My husband provides me security and safety with his arms around me.  I feel like I am his wife.  Being married to him is awesome.  I definitely feel like when we sleep together and especially close snuggles really helps our marital bond. 

We’ve been through pregnancy and cold/sickness in bed.. and it still doesn’t stop us from sleeping together. We’re stuck together through thick and thin.  We’re bound to be together for both the good and bad times, all the days of our lives.

I know in the past, we didn’t always like to be like snuggle every night.  I mean, we would roll to our sides, and all.  I mean, yeah, we did have some close nights. It depended on how we felt that day, and all that.  Our marriage wasn’t always in the best bond back then.   

Since our marriage has been transformed and restored for the past two years and a bit together and with God,  we really advocate everything in our marriage.  We enjoy each other’s company and that includes sleeping together too.   I am always excited when it’s the boys’ bedtime, because then it’s like yay, I get to spend time with my husband in our bed.  We get to snuggle, talk, kiss, watch movie/tv show, make love, hold hands, and etc.  We get to “connect” more without the distractions of the kids.  We’re happy again.  If my husband is with me,  after a little bit, I love to just lay down on him, and sometimes I will fall asleep because I’m just that comfortable.  Just because I can smile and know that  I am not alone.  Because I’ve been with this same man for more than a decade, and he knows me. He’s seen all of me and doesn’t judge me.  He knows my body, my feelings, my touch, soul, my mind and all.  I’ve opened my heart to him.   We text more when he is on night shift and we always say that we can’t wait for t he weekend because then we can ‘reconnect’ again at bedtime (and of course more family time). 

I have faith that we’ll be sleeping together long into our senior years.   Even if we ended up in nursing homes at one point, we’ll find a way to be together in the same bed 🙂  That is how amazing and strong our marital bond is right now, and will continue to be as we journey through life.


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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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