Husband Love

My husband is just amazing.   He posted a couple things on his Facebook page.  I’m sure you all have heard about the whole Ashley Madison like with Josh Duggar. It was a website for married people looking to have an affair that got hacked and data was leaked.

  Anyway, my husband had shared this image from someone else saying “REAL MEN STAY FAITHFUL.  They don’t have time to look for other women because they are too busy looking for new ways to love their own.”   I love it.  It is what all men should do, married or not.  They should keep their relationship and their woman a top priority.  They should be loving them and keep finding new ways to love them. Marriage is not always easy.  It’s messy but beautiful.  Men should invest it in it as much as their women are as well.  We’ll have seasons in all areas of marriage where it might be not as great as everything else, but as long we work together in the storm to ride it out, the love will continue to be strong and thrive even better.    

My husband also posted another image on Facebook from Husband Revolution who is Aaron Smith.  You may remember me mentioning Jennifer Smith in past posts about that she is Unveiled Wife and her books. Well Aaron is her husband.   Anyway, Aaron had said “Walk with your wife in understanding, patience, and kindness.  Serve her and love her as Christ does.” That is really beautiful.  Your wife is the bride of the Church.  All men should treat all women like that. wives, girlfriends.  You are living this life with her.   Life is always better with someone you admire and desire.  God is our ultimate mentor.   He can lead us and teach us in how to serve and love in life acting like Christ.   Always see the beauty in your woman.   No matter how much she can drive you crazy, always see the goodness.  All the little things she does for you day in and day out.   How she tries to keep her kids sane and happy.  How she devotes to spend time with you.  She may have days where she doesn’t feel good and beautiful and worthy, so find ways to show  her that she is YOUR bride, even the little things do help.   My husband always surprises me with my favorite flowers, which are red roses.  It is one of his ways of telling me that he appreciates and loves me.  I actually got some yesterday, after he came home from passing his motorcycle course.  I’ve been supportive and encouraging him in this course.  I know that this bike dream becoming reality is another way for him to have fun and be happy and relaxed.   We all don’t always have to dabble in the same dreams/goals/hobbies but as wives and husband, it is good that we are to support and encourage them.  Because we are in this journey with them.  

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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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