Finding/Having An Adventure with Kids Without Stress

I’m a stay at home mom with 3 boys.   Usually, I found myself better more calm for the past year  when the older two are at school, and I’m just left at home with our youngest, Jackson. But summer came, and all three are home.   The older two will be returning to school in two weeks (thankfully).  

I’ve been trying to find braveness in me (and my husband as well) to do more things with our kids outside of the house.  Because we want them to have good memories.  They won’t remember much with just being home and doing the normal things.

Now, we haven’t done anything crazy  yet.  But this summer, we definitely have taken them to the park, the beach and  swimming at my parents pool a lot more often. We did have the Collingwood trip right after school ended so I know they will remember that.  I’ve also invested in more play dates with other kids and taking them to playgroup so they don’t always have to play with each other.   We are trying to invest in more family time with board games, family walks with Sparky and other things. We did some board games in Collingwood (late June/Early July) and we just did Monopoly Junior with them last night (3 rounds). We’ve done ice cream/sundae visits too. My husband has taken the kids to see Jurassic Park earlier this summer.  The older two also had another movie outing with my parents.  We’ve seen family with reunions and birthdays. We do have something big set for this Thursday.   We are taking them to LEGOLAND in Toronto. All three love playing with Lego so this would probably be the most memorable memory for them this summer.   Also the older two will also remember that this year was their first soccer season with a real official soccer league outside which they played from mid-May to Early August.

I know we need to work on doing more one on one time with each of the three boys more often, as I know they would love and appreciate that.   I know that Jackson will get a lot of that when the older two are back at school as of Sept 8.   So we’ll keep thinking of things we can do individually with them, but we’ll get there.   I know the boys will be taking up swimming lessons again this fall/winter as well.

I know that growing up, I had a lot of my free time spent outside.  I would swim, bike, rollerblade, walk, play with friends. I also did some reading and journaling too.  I would play basketball too if I wanted to but it wasn’t often.   I remember going fishing with my dad and Popie at the cottage.  I’ve done snowmobiling (had my license for that at 12 I think).  I used to go skiing and skating a lot in the winters.  I was adventurous.  I was climbing up trees.  I would do water sliding.  Mini-golfing.  Go-karting.  I would go with my dad for a ride on the bike.  I would attend my brothers’ soccer and hockey games. 

I find that it’s important as a mom and also as a unit as parents that we don’t always spend all of our days at home and using up a lot of screen time. TV, video games and etc.  That goes for us as a couple as well (we’ve been doing that a lot better as I’ve shared in previous posts about that). 


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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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