Our Parenting

We definitely aim to parent with each other to our kids, not against each other.  We have been parents since 2008.   Even though, Noah isn’t physically here… he is still our firstborn son.   I know that he is wrapped around the love of God and Jesus, and definitely is acting like our guardian angel watching over all of us.   Noah has helped us find love and faith that we could still be parents after him.  I knew my husband would be an amazing dad.  Anyone can be a father, but it take someone special to be a dad.  I knew Isaiah would be it.  I knew that for many years because he was still with me when we endured our absolute first unplanned pregnancy back in 2001/2002, and under pressure to terminate that baby.

Anyway, once we had our successful full term pregnancy with Logan in 2009,  it was really bittersweet and special at the same time.  Noah had given his angelversary gift to us through Logan.    Today, Logan is almost 6.5 years old.   We have given so much attention to him as a baby and as a toddler.  We want Logan to thrive and succeed in his life.  Logan has his shaking thing that is aplasia which was really identified worse during his first two years at school, and the doctors have confirmed this year that he does have this, and will be with his life, but otherwise is normal.  Logan is very sensitive as well.  Perfectionist.  I had tried to breastfeed Logan but had no success. He was formula fed for like 11 months of his first year.   He was an easy baby though. He had been STTN since 6 weeks, but we had actually sleep trained him with CIO at 6 months.   It took Logan until he was 4 to really be fully potty trained. He was pee-trained at 3 though.  Logan is very caring and loves to help though.  His teachers at school have really loved him.  Even though Logan is here physically as the oldest….. he doesn’t always get away everything.  We parent him with tough love though.

Austin came along a year later in 2010.  He was the bigger baby, but it was really difficult to parent him in his first year.  Austin was also introduced to breastfeeding for a couple weeks and then formula-fed for the rest of his first year. He refused to nap and wasn’t always a happy baby.  It took Austin 5 months to really sleep in his crib and STTN.   It took a long time for Austin to wean off the bottle. He finally did at 19 months, even though the formula was replaced with milk at a year.  Austin was a very independent toddler though.  He loved playing on his own a lot.  He would try things at his own pace. He didn’t talk much though. So we finally figured out at about 2 1/2 that he really did have a speech delay and eventually was assigned to Tyke Talk.  Austin was also like Logan, late to being fully potty trained at 4, just a week before school started.   Austin although has an opposite personality against Logan. So any parenting skills we had with Logan, didn’t always work with Austin.  We had to compromise and figure out what did work with Austin.  Austin is now almost 5.5 years old. He still has a little bit of speech delay but his first year of school really helped him. He is now fully talking in sentences and asking questions and being more social with everybody.  He still has some shy moments (as Logan still does as well).  Austin doesn’t always get off easy so Austin has his own tough love parenting from us as well.

Our love as parents didn’t end with Austin. We still yearned to grow our family more.   Unfortunately we miscarried Sea Monkey in 2012.  Savannah Megan.  Not officially sure it is “her”, but we have strong feelings that it is.   SM did although like Noah, gave us a gift of Jackson in 2013.  We had once again been given faith and love from the Lord.

Jackson is definitely the most happiest baby out of all the three boys.  His smile is very infectious.  He gets along with everybody basically.  Jackson was my first true all natural labor and delivery.   Jackson has basically both personalities of Logan and Austin with different things along with his own twists.   Jackson will be tall like Logan.   I really endured so much of his first year.  Even though Jackson didn’t really fully STTN until almost a year, I really enjoyed his snuggles when he did wake up once or twice overnight. Jackson so far has had a easy transition to a lot of the big boy stuff, and enjoys playing with big boy things, not so much toddler stuff.  Jackson is 2.  Will be 2.5 in November.  He has big brotherly love towards Logan and Austin.  Really looks up to them a lot.   We definitely parent him like how we did with Logan as a baby and as a toddler.    Our hearts are definitely complete with Jackson.

Isaiah and I may parent differently with some things but we support each other.  Some things work better for him than it may with me.   I’m a stay at home mom, so I’m around the boys a lot more than my husband is.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t allow my husband to parent the way he wants to.   Like I said previously,  my husband is a fantastic dad.  He is truly their superhero.  We definitely are consistent with them with the routines (especially bedtime) and few other things.   We try to be open the other’s suggestions with handling the boys.    We definitely aim to make sure that there is an happy medium all around us and the boys.  We definitely love them. We definitely want them to have a love for the Lord and live in a Christ-like life (and we are pursuing that ourselves as parents and as a couple).   We want them to eventually grow from a boy to a man in the way that would glorify Jesus.   We want them to love life and share that love with others and respect everyone.   We have our moments, and they do as well.  But with forgiveness and love, we can move forward and keep growing as a family.


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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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