Keep Dating!!!!

It doesn’t matter how long you have been married or been in a relationship with someone, keep dating that person.   You know how when you first like someone, you go all out and romance them, and do stuff with them.  Then  at some point, it all dies down. When it shouldn’t.  I mean, yes, we’ll have seasons where things are more stressful or difficult, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stop wanting to be around that person and bring a smile (and maybe more) to their face and life.   We will continue to grow, mature and change, but we do it together.  You don’t want to wake up and not know that person.   Keep choosing to love that person everyday, even when you are frustrated with them.   Fight for the spark to stay alive within the two of you every day.    Dating can also be time alone which would indicate date days or day nights, depending what your schedule is like with work and home.  

Marriage is one big investment especially in your life that you should keep fighting and investing in all the time.   You should yearn to spend time with your spouse who is also your best friend and in love with them.      Marriage is always before and after kids, so always make time for them so that it’s still strong  long after the kids flee the nest.

We have truly really cherished our marriage to the fullest for the last two years, even though we’ve been married for 9 years.  We’ve really reinvented it the way it should be.   We love spending time together.  I always love being close with and to my husband no matter what we are doing.   I continue to support and yearn to know my husband more every day.   He is always changing for the good, of course.   I’ve known him since I was 17, and we’ve matured so much for the last 14 years together.

We’ve been working on pursuing new things together, to keep the marriage spicy and fierce.    We still don’t mind the dinner and movie thing, but that is more once in a blue moon now.  I rather pursue new adventures with him any chance that we get to be alone and not have the kids.   Ideally, it’s always better if the kids are gone overnight or longer but it’s not always the case.   This summer, it’s been honestly, just anywhere from a couple hours to maybe 4 hours if we’re lucky in a day or a night that we can just sneak away.  I love all the things that we’ve pursued so far this year, actually, and I’m like really ecstatic. I feel so much more connected with my husband and knowing more what he likes and things like that.  Some things we might not do again, but other things we’ll keep wanting to do it again.  We’ll continue to add more ideas to our bucket list. We’ve literally crossed off a lot this year which is really amazing, compared to the past.  We didn’t do a whole lot for most of our marriage in the last few years (and even before we married), so it’s definitely really helps that you keep spicing it up.  Even my husband has loved a lot of the things we’ve done so far this year.   I’m the one that is usually more adventurous and he’s more laid back, but he’s coming around. So I’ve basically reclaimed the adventurous side of me which was kind of lost for a long time.   So I’m smiling again and my husband loves to see me smile and so happy.  My smile really warms his heart so much.

So definitely keep adding more sugar and spice to your marriage.   Be kind and loving to your spouse every day.   Take advantage of what’s around locally, and do it with your spouse!   A lot of our stuff has been date nights OUT which I love because I rather be out of the house and exploring with my husband than being inside, but don’t get me wrong. I love being comfy and watching a TV show or  a movie with my husband too, but we still do that a lot when the boys go to bed and we have like a couple hours or so to ourselves before our own dreamland.     Money has stopped us a lot in the past, but we do what we can.    Some things we can book in advance and other things are almost on spur of the moment (still plan for babysitters though).

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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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