Church & Sex

The church doesn’t talk about sex.  At all. It doesn’t talk about how beautiful and pure it can be. It doesn’t celebrate it.  There is talk of sex in the bible.   Absolutely.  Sex isn’t bad. They give the wrong views of sex when it comes to virginity. They don’t indicate that  women are sexual beings.  That we do have a sex drive.  That they should teach those young people that it’s normal and that they can channel that drive elsewhere that is good. Exercise, reading, and all that.  That women shouldn’t always be the ones to be virgins. Men shouldn’t have to be sharing their seed to several women before they marry.   Honestly, the bible says you shouldn’t be with someone that isn’t yours. That person could be someone’s spouse.

 I talked about sex when I was 17 and exploring my own sexuality and being sexually active. I was on message boards.  That while not everyone feels that you should wait until you are married to have sex,  that it is still better to wait until you are in a committed relationship that is long term and possibly leading to marriage.  That you simply don’t have sex because the person says “I love you”. There has to be more than just I love you to warrant sex.  The person has to really love you for who you are, celebrate you, isn’t judgmental when it comes to your flaws and has many hobbies, dreams and hopes that is shared with you and etc.. 

Many marriages fail due to sex.  That those were virgins prior to marriage shut down and didn’t know how to celebrate their bodies with their husbands and feel beautiful with them.  Or these ones that weren’t virgins before marriage, and don’t believe that they are tainted and can’t be saved.   I wasn’t a virgin before I was married.   I had sex with two other guys before I met my husband. My husband was a virgin before me.  But we still had sex before we were married.  We definitely cherish sex now.  Like we really understand what sex and beyond means to us.

Sex definitely shouldn’t be saved just for procreation.  It is also meant for pleasure.  Sex is a gift from god. Absolutely.   He intends it to be shared in the marriage  though.   It is simply stated in bible especially within the Song of Solomon.  Don’t arouse love until ready.

Sexual sin is everywhere these days.   You already commit adultery if you see someone and picture them in a sexual way, even if it is through pornography or Victoria Secret ads. 

People are afraid to communicate sex.  To each other, to friends, and family, Church.   We all are God’s children. We are all beautiful. We all are unique.  I enjoy sex.  I love sharing my body with my husband that I only have eyes for.

We need to see that the Church isn’t judgmental…  There many things in the bible that wouldn’t meet today’s society.  That so many things have evolved since thousands of years ago when Jesus was here.    Homosexuality should have acceptance.  Because love is love.  Love overcome sex.   Pornography is more readily available than 50 years ago.   There is rape, teenage pregnancy, all of that.  The church needs to see that there are many people who struggle with sex, sex drive, and all things sexually related. To be there for them, and not give the common traditional pat answers.  Not push them out of Church.  Because God really forgives everybody.  God loves everybody.  If you open your heart to God, and you repent and you change,  you are much stronger and loyal.   The church needs to see that everybody is born sinners actually, and we sin. We need not to fear the Lord for anything.  We need to rejoice in his love, grace, and forgiveness.

The church not talking about sex and preventing it all together.. that is Satan winning. We don’t want that.  That it should positively talk about it.  That sex does exist. Sex drives do exist.  Lust does exist.  That we all are beautiful.  Our bodies are special.  That it should encourage parents to actively talk about sex with their kids young and keep talking about it.  That it’s okay to date without sex.  That they should be advocates for birth control even in marriages.  That some couples don’t want babies right from the honeymoon.  

They need to share that years ago when brides were married, that they were bought young, in their early teens, on the verge of puberty.   They shouldn’t backlash teen pregnancy because they were indeed themselves teenagers while barefoot and pregnant.

They need to celebrate love along with sex.  They need to celebrate marriages with sex.   They need to teach everything beyond abstaining. 

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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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2 Responses to Church & Sex

  1. Ray Dawson says:

    We’ll said! The church tends to stay away from sex and has made it so parents don’t talk to kids about sex which has led to a general lack of knowledge.

  2. jewellove30 says:

    Thanks Ray! I absolutely agree with you!

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