Have More Good Days!

We need to outweigh the good more over the bad day.  We can choose to have a good day even when things are stressful or difficult….   God is always telling us to find joy all the time. To smile through the hard times.  Because He is there for us. We need to fall into His hands.  God always has a plan for us. We need to open our eyes and ears to Him.

Sometimes when we have a bad day, it’s because things aren’t going the way we believe it is and feeling sorry for ourselves.   We can just let it go.  If it’s early in the day that things are going wrong, we can just say that we still have a good chunk of the day to make it good.    We can do that with having faith, cheerful attitude, and just moving on.  It doesn’t hurt to add in some prayer to help though!

It’s natural for us to complain about things to people so that we could feel better ourselves.  While it’s good to let it out and not keep it stirring in us (God hates Satan),  other people can’t fix it for us. They can sympathize though, by saying “I’m sorry you are having a bad day” because they do care and love you.   It is truly  in US that we can change.   How we feel overall affects our day, our parenting, our marriage, and etc.  So the more positive we are,  the more good days we will have and have a better approach to things.  We have to remember that everything we do, it should glorify God especially, if we are to be like Jesus.


About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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