Anal Sex

Yup. I said it. Anal Sex.  I am a Christian.  I surely have experienced it. I thought I would never have.    I have only shared this experience with my husband.   For the longest time,  I declined anal sex.  I didn’t feel comfortable with it. Just didn’t feel right.  My husband would just ask and I was like no.    The desire probably came from pornography originally, and I think he just wanted to see and feel what it was like in IRL as well.   My husband has only been with me for everything, basically in the sexual sense.

But all that changed after I had Austin in 2010.  It was maybe 3-4 months after I had Austin in 2010, that I finally said yes. We had already been married for 4 years at this point (been together for 9 as a couple) Now, because we were newly experienced in this area of our sex life, it wasn’t all that amazing.  It took a few more different times to really fully experience that anal stuff.

Anyway, since introducing anal sex to our sex life… it only happens occasionally.

We were watching Jim Jefferies on Netflix last night and he shared anal sex in his stand up comedy show.   He was like oh I’ve done this.  Vastly different experience from porn.  In pornography, it’s very inviting and the females really you know take to this well and are enjoying it.  In Jim’s experience, he was like well all the females cry and it’s painful.    He was saying well men do this because they know you hate it.  

It is true. How anal sex is with reality verses porn. I have watched anal porn and it is exactly how Jim has described.   I mean, I do have a high pain tolerance.  I survived an all natural birth with Jackson, and that is a lot more painful than anal sex.  It’s all about relaxing and not thinking about having a penis in your ass.  Just enjoying the sexual experience with your spouse.   It is vastly different feeling from vaginal sex… absolutely.  Tighter and what not.  I spare you the TMI details.   With that said though,  my husband and I still prefer vaginal sex over anal.  But that doesn’t mean that you know, once in a blue moon, we may do anal.  My husband is all boobs and butts, and I’m the same LOL 😉 

I know I’m not the only Christian who has done anal. I know a few others who have.  Some have had a great experience with it, and others who have only done it once and never have again.  So it varies with everyone.  Not everything rocks everyone’s boat.    Like with all things though, make sure that whatever you do sexually, married or not is agreed upon mutually. Meaning that both parties are willing emotionally and physically.  I’m not all for forcing someone in doing something that they aren’t ready for or just simply don’t want to.


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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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