Our Marriage Is Our Own Love Story

I love my marriage so much more now.  I don’t take for granted like I probably did in the past.  There is no other man like my husband.  There is no other me like me.   We are meant to be together.   Surely, we have differences.  Surely, we have stuff that we do that can both drive each other crazy, but can be a blessing depending on what it is.   I love that my husband is a family man. He is very devoted to me and the kids.   He still has a close relationship with his own mother (He is her only son), and step-dad Ian.   He is more organized than me.  He is the breadwinner of our family.

Anyway, our marriage isn’t perfect.  Like I have mentioned previously in past posts, we were more of roommates than spouses for a good chunk of our relationship and marriage.  We’ve certainly grown more closer and are definitely no longer like roommates. We are acting like a husband and wife should be like.  We continue to grow in Christ individually and as a couple.  We are more loving, deeply, madly, and devoted to each other, our marriage and to Christ.

We may not be the sociable couple together, like have group dates on the regular.  Like my parents, they are out with other couples all the time. So actually, it is more rare for them to have date nights when it’s just the two of them.   I love spending any free time that I have with my husband. I rather do stuff that we love together, and do new things together too. Rather than separately or apart.  

I do appreciate girls nights every now and then. I do get tad bit jealous that my husband does see the guys more than I would with my own girlfriends.  It’s just how it is.  I can’t decline his guy time.  I have to only encourage him to do that because  when he’s not working, he is spending time with me and the kids as part of his free time.  Actually, my husband will be away with the guys overnight (first in a long time) this coming weekend for a bachelor celebration in honor of one of his friends.  I love having time with my husband every chance I get alone with him and also as a family.   My husband and I are already a family as a couple, and it grew more with the kids and our pets (two cats and a dog). 

Anyway,  God wanted us to be married together and we continue to journey on it together in both good and bad times.  We continue to fight fiercely every day.  To blossom our friendship, marriage and relationship more beautiful, even though it’s always messy.   My heart flutters and stops for my husband every day.  I am reminded of our first kiss, reasons why I fell in love with him, and more.  I’m encouraged every day all the more to keep us strong and romantic.  To keep my husband happy.   He continues to be my prince charming.  I strive to be the wife he needs me to be in Christ.   My heart is full of love and joy, grace, and beauty.  I still do!  I love being married.   IT was a crazy thing to do at 22 (almost 23), but so right, and full of Christ.  Here I am, 9 years later.  Happy and in love still!  

About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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