Motherhood and Girlfriends

Truly, girlfriends come and go, but family is always there to stay.   You know your true friends.  It is normal to make new ones as you journey on through life, especially after becoming a mom. 

I was the first of many to marry and have babies in my twenties. I moved out at 21 to live with my husband, married him at 22, and we started our family at 24.  So of course, naturally, some girlfriends would let go of me or I would let go of them.  Marriage and my kids are more important to me than friends, but it is good to still have some friends though.  

I still have my best friend who I have known since Grade 5.  I don’t see her as often as I used to before marriage and babies, but she is still around.  We try to be together once or twice a month if possible.  She has the opposite life as mine.  At 31 (32 in November),  my best friend is single,  helps with special ed kids,  and is still living at home.   She does keep herself busy with dating, her other friends, the gym, spending time with family. I was just recently there for her last week for grief and loss support as her grandma had passed away so I got to spend more time with her than I usually get to spend/have.  She really appreciated that.

I do have a couple other single friends that I try to see every now and then as well.   

I do have more friends that are moms like me so I try to see them for play dates, and once in a blue moon, out for drinks/dancing with them as well.

I remind myself that I can reach out to more people. I am a stay home mom still, but I plan to do photography when Jackson starts school, and maybe volunteer for some stuff too.

I do have ton of online friends over message boards after I had lost Noah and Logan.  They help me out too. It is great for instant support for hard days especially.


About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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