Viewing Housework as a Proverbs 31 wife

I am reading along the book of Proverbs 31 with Courtney and the GMG girls over at Women Living Well site as this is their current reading.  Courtney mentions in her blog today that being a Proverbs 31 women stays true to her marriage and is with her husband all the days of her life.   Courtney challenges us all to see and be thankful to the Lord for all the housework that we are to do day in and day out. For an example, be thankful for dirty dishes because we were able to fill up our tummies.  Courtney stresses that all the qualities and things that a Proverbs 31 women does have comes to her over the course of life.

I certainly don’t have it all. I actually have come a long way with myself.  I am growing in Christ.  God showed me last night while I was sleeping that I was absolutely not being the Proverbs 31 women that I should have been in the past.  He was taking me to where I was like 10 years ago and after that. I was appalled and was like I know better now. I have so much to say to my 20’s self. I moved out at 21, and married at 22.  I have changed so much especially within the last couple years.

I have been living with my husband for 10 years but we have been married for 9 years.   Literally, I was lazy for a really long time.  I despised housework and didn’t really appreciate doing it.  Yet, I was in an apartment with my husband (we lived together engaged for a year before we married). I was working and so was he.  We had a lot of those tv dinners.  It was very rare that I would do dishes, laundry, bathroom cleaning and all that stuff.   If anything, if push came to shove, my husband would end up doing it.  Then, it didn’t change too much after we married. 

It was more when we finally got a house after 3 years of being in an apartment together and pregnant with our oldest, Logan in 2009 that I would do a little bit more of my share.  Honestly,  I really started to cook more dinners, and clean a little more after I had our middle, Austin. So that was maybe after Austin was 1, so 2011?   

I have been a stay home mom since I had Logan in 2009. What did I do with my days? I wasted it a lot with computers and other non-godly things. I didn’t invest much with our marriage a lot and neither did my husband for the longest time.  It was rare that we had date nights, but it seemed to have more of an importance once we had  our kids though and invest in our marriage.

 It was more so after I had Jackson in 2013 that I really understood and stepped up my plate so much more. I now take care of the house, grocery shopping, cleaning, and taking care of everyone productively and proactive.  That anything good that I do for the house, my husband and my kids glorifies God. That it’s not good to waste a whole day with just being online and doing nothing other than being “mommy” for the kids.  We can’t stay away from technology but we can control it. We can prioritize our time, what is important first, and etc.  I definitely put my marriage, my husband, my kids and the house top of the list every day now. Everything else can come later. 

I want to be able to live in bliss with my husband and my kids. I want them to be able to trust me and to be faithful and more.  I want them to be able to express joy in loving me and wanting me to be around them all the time, including my husband too! 

I am thankful for my husband in speaking out to me and my heart, back in 2013 where we were so close to ending it, and I realized that I have so much more to invest and offer to him every day as a wife (and as a mom to my kids too).  I continue to keep growing in Christ and allowing Him to work in me as I journey through life with my loved ones.  He has saved me and my husband and our marriage.  We are so much better now than we were when we first married in 2006.  It is my prayer that I continue to learn more and possess more Proverbs 31 qualities with grace over time.  

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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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