Celebrate Sex!

Don’t view sex as a chore. It’s just a bad direction to go into, because then sex isn’t fulfilling or pleasurable. 

Remember, sex isn’t just sex.  It’s sex with the person that you love, are in love with, and spending the rest of your life with.  It’s not just a physical connection but it is also an emotional and spiritual connection too!

Always enjoy the private time that you have with your spouse… don’t worry about the house, time, kids, and etc. Just indulge in it. 

We have three boys, so it’s definitely harder for us to have sex all the time.  My husband does shift work and I am a stay at home mom.   It’s summer time, so all three boys are home full time until September which is when the older two boys will resume school again for the next 10 months.

Certainly,  I love my husband’s spontaneously into sex these days now.  It’s not as frequent as I would like but he keeps reminding me that we’ll have more sexual time with each other when the boys are teenagers as they will be likely to be out of the house more then , especially in the summer as well.  My husband used to be anti-sex during the day when the boys were “awake” in the past. However in the last couple years, Isaiah has really come around and he is more willing to do it during the day.  Because afterwards  I’m less stressed  and a little happier, and can carry on with the rest of the day a little easier.   We don’t always have time or the energy to have sex at night where more time does allow us to indulge in it longer.  Either we’re too exhausted from the day or just not in the mood in general or he’s at work if he’s on night shift.  So sometimes, the daytime quickies are just what we need and can have at the time.  Sex is an necessity in our marriage to keep our connection intact. 

Moreover, I enjoy any physical connection that doesn’t involve sex with my husband, even on the days that sex doesn’t actually end up happening at all.   I love hugs, kisses, snuggles, etc.  I absolutely love it when he plays with my hair, and stroke my back.  These are just as important as sex. So be sure to keep that non-sexual physical touch happening regularly too! 

Celebrating and enjoying sex is all honestly in the mind and in your body. Crave it, feel it, and do it! Sex does feel good, even when it’s quick.  I love being affectionate with my husband.  We’re happily married for 9 years (been together for 14 years).  I want to keep showing the kids that mommy and daddy still love each other. They have seen us kiss, hug and all, except sex of course.  That we deserve adult time, even during the day, even if it is only like a few minutes in the bathroom or in the bedroom.  You have to be creative.  I let my husband be the indicative because he has the lower drive than I do. I do tease him often though to let him know that I still desire him 🙂

About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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