Our Imperfect House

We were looking for our first house back in 2008 officially, right after losing our firstborn son, Noah. We were ready to get out of our apartment that we had been living in for 3 years (2005).  It didn’t take long and my dad was thinking of our future, because we had talked about kids and we were in the process of TTCing for another.    The house that we got was basically a starter house, somewhat of a fixer upper.   We signed the papers in April of that year. The house was set to close August of that year.   So sure enough,  we were pregnant with Logan by the time the house closed. We had the house painted before we moved in (we waited like an extra week) and started finishing the unfinished part of our basement (it was half-finished) so that we could have a tenant in our house to help with the mortgage payments. 

We didn’t really do much more with the house until way after Logan and Austin had arrived.  We updated the windows upstairs, got new exterior doors, new furnace, and repainted the house again in 2011.  Then we left it alone again.

The tenant moved out in 2011.  As we needed the space. We no longer needed mortgage help either.  However, we did have my younger brother, Alex live with us for like 3-4 months in 2012.

We had our basement flooded in September of 2013.  So the basement got another mini reno again.  New carpet and some areas were dry walled again. 

Originally, the plan was likely move to a bigger house within 5 years of being in this one.   5 years had come and gone. Logan had started school in 2013, and Austin started school in 2014. 

Basically, we have been in this house since 2008… 7 years in August.  We have decided this year that this is going to be the first and the only house that we’ll have.  Maybe we might have another when we retire, but we’ll have to see.  That’s another 20-30 years down the line.   But anyway, since we’ve made the decision that we are staying for the long term, we have gone ahead and started some of the major renos on this place. 

We replaced our roof in April (which it should have replaced like two years or so ago, it was on the verge of being done when we bought the house, it was said that it had maybe 5 years left).  Repainted the siding, the exterior doors and the shutters.  So the outside looks more amazing.  We filled in the area in the backyard that had dirt from the old shed with grass (which was torn down last fall, we do have another shed but smaller on the patio).   We just got a built in dishwasher installed.  (we’ve had the portable dishwasher since Christmas 2009).  Next on the list is new countertop, sink, sink faucet, and backsplash. We will also get the kitchen repainted.   The last thing on the list for this year which will take place in the fall is replacing our ceiling upstairs in our bedroom, bathroom and computer/closet room as it is not drywall and no insulation at all.  So we want to have insulation up there with spray form feature and actual drywall.  

There is a ton more we would like to do to this house in the future when we have more funds saved up to do so… main bathroom reno (probably within 2-5 years from now), hardwood floors refinished, adding a deck to the backyard and among other things. 

 So while I know our house will never always be the million dollar house, but it is the right house for us.  We are in a good neighborhood, and are real close to the boys’ school. We aren’t far from places that are needed regularly like the grocery  store, bank, and etc.  We are nearby my old high school which is where the boys will probably attend when they get to that stage of their school career. 

With the changes that we’ve made to the house, and the memories that we’ve invested in this house since 2008, it is a “gem”.  Sparky (our dog)  joined us in the house a week after we had officially moved in.. Early September 2009.   All three boys have grown up here since birth (2009, 2010 and 2013).  We do have the space for all these boys.  We can make room changes when the boys are older and need bigger space.  Logan and Austin currently share one room (it’s a real big room) and Jackson has his own room.  We’ve been through both good and bad times here with our marriage. 

Honestly I am finding more joy and peace with this house as each day goes by.  Our “imperfect” house is looking more perfect daily to us.  We are honestly truly blessed to really have a roof over our heads and to be raising the boys in this stable home.  We are really lucky.  Not every one is able to live in a actual home financially.  The house may not be all around open plan but it’s good enough. We have the space to have our three boys to grow up in, our room, kitchen, living room, playroom, and more. We have a big backyard.    Our house is a home.   It’s full of happiness, warmth, shelter and love.    It is becoming more Christ-like as we grow with God.  We all have to remember though that this house isn’t really our permanent home.  That forever house will actually be with Christ, in heaven, that is waiting for us whenever our time here in this physical world is done.  

About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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