Ordinary Marriage Can Be More!

For so long,  our marriage was never really felt special… honestly, because we weren’t really fiercely fighting for it individually and as a couple.   It was like a big rollercoaster but we always managed to find some great seasons/times together, and we still hold on to these memories.

For the last two years, I feel that our marriage is really special now. Because we’ve really woken up to see what was really going on with us so we decided what we needed to do to change it.  Because marriage is really sacred and precious.  It’s a beautiful lifelong gift from God.  God had given us to each other for many, many reasons, probably more than we realize.  Because we are in His eyes, perfect for each other, even though we are imperfect, individually. Everybody is bound to have some flaws.  We are to overlook them and always focus on the goodness of each other.

Our relationship was based on friendship at the beginning and blossomed into love.   The marriage honestly really grew a lot in this last two years. Because we have really allowed Christ to intervene between us and making Him the center of US.    We have changed individually and as a couple so much.  It is obvious that we will continue to mature as the years go by.

We’ve been told by people that they really look up to us, because we are truly in love and there is romance. We seem happy together.  But we truly have been through so much tough stuff beyond closed doors.  We continue to overcome these blocks and are much stronger now because of it. 

We are parents to five kids which three of them are actually physically here in this world  and yet, we still try to make time for each other daily when we can.  I am absolutely set on having date nights monthly when possible.  Because it is so important to stay connected.  We look for new adventures to spice up our love.   I love being around my husband all the time because he still wows me and my heart.   I sincerely hope that I am doing the same for my man.  We are each other’s best friend, soul mates, lovers for life. 

So I really see our marriage so much more than ordinary now.  It’s really beautiful. Because we fiercely choose to fight for it together daily.  We choose to be present for each other daily.  We choose to kiss, hug, talk and make love together.  I really see it so much more heavenly than it was in the beginning, honestly.   Because it’s more united, stronger, deeper, lovingly, and fierce.  Investing in God, Church and Prayer really helps so much.  Because He wants us to be living in Christ and happy and free as well.


About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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