Toxic thoughts

Thinking Toxic is bad.   Our thoughts is affected by how we are living life.  I know that while I am generally a positive person,  I can be toxic at times and that is not healthy.   Since changing myself in the progress in living a Christ-like life,  it’s so much better to open up to God and listen.  We are living in His plans, not ours.   We are not to worry, stress, and any other toxic emotions and thoughts.  We are to have faith, trust, grace, love, patience, and more to God and sharing that all that positive mood with others.

 I know I wasn’t always gracious and respectful towards to my husband over the course of our friendship, relationship and marriage.   But I have been working to change that.  Because if I am toxic, then my husband is too thus that it is just a really bad combo. Everything suffers individually, as a couple, as parents, and etc because of it. We both aren’t perfect.  Something will always flare up to open up toxicity in us.  We can control it though to a degree.  God can handle the rest.

 Whenever I am thinking or feeling unhealthy emotions, I try to remember to ask God in prayer for help.   When I do include God, I ask him to replace all that negativity with good thoughts.  happy memories, accomplishments, thankfulness, and etc.  God is always good, loyal, honest, fruitful, patient, loving, and more.   You can also apologize to whoever you affected your negativity towards and ask for forgiveness.   It will free your heart more too.

When we are feeling positive and happy, we are able to fight toxicity and build up to protect our marriage, spouses, and kids and of course ourselves.  Tearing ourselves and other people down isn’t doing any good at all, and it’s not glorifying God either.

I always try to remember certain scriptures to help me out as well for toxic and rough times.   His word is always the right way to follow.  Some things may not be always feeling right, but in time, it becomes clear and we continue on in our journey in this world, growing in Christ.

We are always growing, maturing and more.  Evolving is always ongoing. We learn our lessons here, so that we can share and embrace it once we join Christ when it is our time to be in the afterlife that is heaven.

About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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