Wearing Makeup

Definitely as a child and as a teen,  I loved make up and I would wear it to school whenever I felt like it, and on special occasions.   I would obsess myself in the mirror a lot. More for talking with myself, but I never really saw myself beautiful, until I was later in my teens and exploring with dating and sexuality.   

 I really didn’t wear make up in university and not so much in the early dating days with my husband, unless we were out on actual date, and I would doll up.  And definitely since I’ve been a mom since 2008,  I don’t wear make up much at all on a daily basis.  Only, if I have a girls night out, date night or any other special event and for Church as well.

We were just in Collingwood last week and we had this mirror as sort of the headboard for our master bedroom.  I would see myself, and I would see the flawless beauty in me, without makeup. That I was truly beautiful and even sexy.  On my face, my hair and my body.  All natural.  God has created all of us beautiful.   We are the beauty in his hands.   I was amazed.  I haven’t really looked myself in the mirror like that in so long. I loved myself even more for who I am and for what I look like too.

I have never really altered anything of myself.  I don’t really believe in plastic surgery for anything.  I don’t have a tattoo or a belly piercing.   Only ear piercing in my ears, but just one in each ear.

We all have to remember beauty is so much more than physical appearances.   Beauty is more found in the heart.  With our grace, kindness, positively, joy, and anything else that glorifies the Lord.   I fell in love with my husband because of who he is.. his personality and that itself attracted physical beauty of him as well ❤

The one that falls in love with you, marries you and is with you for life, loves you for the way you are. Make up or not.  You can’t cover up what is inside of you, and you shouldn’t cover up the outside of you either. Make up is great for enhancing your favorite features whether it is your eyes, your lips, etc.  It can make you feel pretty.   But it’s not a lifetime thing. We are all going to age and mature as we go along with life. 

I am 32, mom of five, and I’m accepting myself more every day in the life of Christ, and happily married to my husband. 

I do want to note that my husband calls me sexy every day regardless if I have make up or not, and I love it.  Sometimes, I do feel like he should say that I am beautiful because it’s a refreshing word from sexy 🙂   He does tell the boys to tell me that I am pretty and they do sometimes on their own especially when I am dolled up for something 🙂

About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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