Seizing Collingwood

I love summer. I always have ever since I was born. I love the beach, the water, the sun, and everything that summer brings.

 Almost every summer around the week of my birthday, my parents and my brothers and myself would go up to Collingwood, where my parents have a timeshare condo that we have for a week.  We would beach, swim, bike, rollerblade, play sports (tennis, basketball), go to Blue Mountain and do stuff there, go-karting, etc.   We would go out to dinner for my birthday which was usually Kelsey’s.

 I stopped going there with my family after I turned 18.   I didn’t want to do any more vacations without my husband (who was then my boyfriend at the time).  But I did return there in 2008 for 4 days with my husband (and we were TTCing for Logan and he was conceived there). 

 Finally in 2011, I continued the “family” tradition as a MOM myself.  So I had my first vacation there as a mom with my husband and our two older boys, Logan and Austin (who was then 2 and 1).  We returned there in 2012 and 2014. Skipped 2013 as it was too close after Jackson’s arrival (he was only about 4 weeks old if we had gone).   The week still falls around my birthday.  Only in 2014, we went later in July as my husband didn’t have the original week off and Jackson was already past 1 years old.

 We were just up there this past week for 6 days… with our three boys and it was so fun.  We seized it with lots of swimming, relaxing,  beach for two days,  out to dinner and lunch, and went to the Plunge! which is at the bottom of Blue Mountain.  Outdoor/Indoor Water park. The boys loved it.  We hope to return there again next year, and hopefully do more things.

I love photography and I did get a new lens for my birthday courtesy of my brothers and their loves of their life.  So I was messing around with it during the vacation, but I didn’t want to spend too much time with it, so I was also seizing it up without it.  Soaking up memories with my boys and my husband, and just enjoying everything every day.  It was a nice start to the summer for my boys as they just finished JK & SK for the year.  


About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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