Plugged IN Into Each Other and Marriage

For the longest time in our relationship and marriage, we would be plugged in and unplugged. We weren’t always connected as a whole, but  we loved each other, and still be around each other. We just didn’t always do everything together, and be connected in all areas of “US”.

I really LOVE how we are very plugged in now, and continue to fight in keeping plugged in.  We definitely are more open with each other  now with everything like we were in our early dating days. Sharing dreams,  fears and more.  I love that we are more heart to heart together.  We strive to keep “open” to each other.  We communicate what is on our hearts, mind and soul. We fight for our marriage and keep at it daily.  We continue to look for ways to stay connected to each other for everything and in everything we do.  This is how it has been for the last two years.  It’s gotten really stronger, deeper, more lovingly, more respectful, more playful, more romance, more happiness, joyful, fierce and so much more.   We have more understanding of each other and how to respect and treat each other in love.  We see how precious marriage really is. It is so important. It is full of teamwork, connectivity, closeness and more.  Having faith and trust in each other and individually is so huge.

Having Christ being at the centre of “US” has really helped tremendously.  Knowing that he made us for each other and want us to stay together.  Knowing that we can go to Him for everything in us and our marriage.   Helping us to change, thrive and grow individually and as a couple. .  Realizing that we all fail and that we keep building and encouraging ourselves and our spouses up each and every time.  We want to protect each other and our marriage.

 I love spending every moment that I have with my husband when he is home.  Just sitting by him, sharing kisses and hugs, talking,  snuggling,  making love, doing favorite and new things together.   I “chat” with him when he’s at work on his breaks and send encouragement and support words as well.   I’m very comfortable with him. I love devoting time with him.  I am blissfully happy with him.   He is the most important man in the world to me. He is my best friend. I confide and trust in him with everything. I love being “plugged in” with my husband.

About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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