I haven’t found that oppressive honestly because I am a bisexual.   I like women and men.  I have in the past been with girls, but didn’t experiment much or start a real relationship with one.  I know people who are openly gay, and all.  They are just as amazing as everyone else.

I chose to be with my husband because I felt in my heart that he was meant to be the one –to share my life with and to grow old with.   I could have easily chosen not to follow my heart and went with someone else, maybe even as a women.   My husband was in the vision that I could in that we would be pure as one flesh.  Be truly happy in all areas in a relationship, friendship and marriage.  We had solidified as us as friends first and love came after.

Homosexuals can love God, Jesus and the Church as much as we do.   They have much of a right to desire a relationship with who they love and share God with. It can still be monogamous.  They can pray and read the bible.   They should be able to participate/do fellowship in the Church.    Jesus has loved everybody, and teaches us to love everyone and respect them.   We might not have to “like” them, but they are still a person. God has created them too.   They may participate differently when it come to sexual intimacy with whomever they love and are attracted to.  They might not bear children or adopt but they may still have passion and love for Christ and do right by Him.  We are all to do things in love.  God loves everybody.  He desires for all to have a relationship with him, and to allow him be part of their lives.  To teach and help them mature and grow in the person that he desires for us all to be.

 Just saying that not only “straight” people can be Christians, but everyone else can be if they wanted to be Christians too.  I am still loved by God despite me being a bi-sexual and chose to have Him be part of my life and my marriage with my husband, and motherhood with my kids.

About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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  1. Thank you for your testimony; we are all wonderfully made in God’s image.

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