My “Mom” Body

Okay. I still crave my body from when I was in high school.  I was 125 when I graduated in 2001 and that is at 18.   14 years later,  I’ve popped out 3 living boys, 1 stillborn, and miscarried early on and married my forever love.    I still rock the weight I was before I had my stillborn, at 160.  (well, it’s a little bit less now).  I realize that I probably could work extremely hard and try to get back to 125, but it’s really unrealistic.  I rather be happy where I am.  I want to capture every moment that I am able to have with my boys and my husband.  Seize the life according to Christ.

I don’t go to the gym. I work out at home with Zumba when I want to (when motivation is around LOL).   I walk with my kids to school and home on good sunny days.   I do a family walk with my kids, husband and our dog when the husband is home.  Sometimes I will have a good smoothie drink.   I still drink Coke, and apple juice like crazy.   I am still picky with food.   I do include protein and carbs for dinner with the family.

 I still rock a bikini. I still have the love handles, and a little bit of tummy flab from having my kids, but I don’t care.  I still tan well, and i love my beach time.  I may not be “fit” to a T,  and have really flat tummy or muscles, but I am ME.   I love being married to my husband and raising my boys and always remembering my angel babies.

I should celebrate and love my body.  My “mom” body that is.  It’s beautiful inside and out.  God created me the way I am.  I am not to compare me to anyone else.  Moms and other women.   I want to declare that every women is beautiful.  No matter what.  We all have “flaws” of our bodies that we may not like/love.   Our bodies definitely change over the course of life.  As newborns, infants, preschooler, child, pre-teen, teen, young adult, adult, and etc.  There are other changes that alter our bodies.. health and pregnancy.

Beauty is so much more than the physical appearance.  It’s more within the heart.  I want to embrace the glow of happiness/joy,  love, and grace and all the good things. That I can share with anyone.  I belong to Christ, not to society.   I am to be comfortable in me.  I will continue to mold, change, and grow with Christ.  And I only share the nakedness of my body with my husband.  My husband still sees me beautiful even after being through 6 pregnancies and respects me.

About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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