My Husband as a Father

This was one of the things that my husband and I had talked about early on in our relationship that family was one of the biggest/important things in life and that he wanted to be a dad eventually.  I knew that he would be the perfect father for our future kids.  He felt the same way.  I loved that we wanted to have kids together, some day.

Now, we did get pregnant 6 months into the relationship (we weren’t trying) but under family pressure we terminated when the baby was about 8 weeks and I was so upset. I had no idea if Isaiah would stick around after that and would want to have kids again with me later on. He said that he still loved me and that we would try again in about 8 years from that time. (I was 18 and he was 19 at the time).  Sure enough, we never made it to 8 years. It was close though, we made it to 6-7 years, with our angel Noah.   My heart was so heartbroken.  I loved that he got a tattoo in memory of Noah though. So special. Isaiah told me he wanted to have another son after Noah so  sure enough, we got Logan a few months after.  He is the only baby that Isaiah knew when we had conceived him (June 28, 2008) and knew that he was a boy.  He didn’t really know as a gut feeling when we had Austin, SM and Jackson. 

I loved that Isaiah supported me during all my pregnancies.  That he loved feeling them move/kick and just touching my belly.  He didn’t got to all of my pregnancy appts  (although he did go to most of them with Logan, but the rest of the kids, it was a hit or miss).  I know he enjoyed seeing ultrasounds (especially, the 3D/4D we got done with Jackson). .   I loved that he was there for when I was in labor and delivery with all of them.  I really appreciated the special time that we had in the birthing tub with Jackson.   I loved the moments that Isaiah shared with all of our babies when they were born.  Just gazing at them, and holding them.  Pure love and joy.

He took paternal leave a couple months after I had Austin (2 months to 4 months) so that I could tend to him and that he could deal with Logan, and he took it again a few months after I had Jackson (8 months to 1 year).  That was really awesome and I loved that we could spend time as a family. 

Isaiah is really amazing.  He has bottled fed the boys,  changed their diapers,  read them stories, taken them for walks,  shopping, played games with them.  He’s stayed home with them when I would have girls night out or whenever I needed a break. 

I know totally, Isaiah would opt at the chance of being a stay home dad if it was financially feasible, but he makes more money at work than I could, so it’s the other way around.   He loves being home with them, and just being around them.   But of course, like me, he likes breaks and nights out with the guys or family or me LOL 🙂

Ever since of him being a dad, he’s also been working on his spiritual walk with the Lord, and it helps him to try to be even better parent, husband and more.   I love that he encourages that we go to church as a family, pray as a family, and etc.  🙂

Isaiah has encouraged that the boys are playing soccer, and advocates doing anything besides video games and what not.   It’s summer so I’m sure we’ll be spending lots of time outside this summer, and he does have some vacation time so it’ll be good!

I love that our parenting is more or less on the same page, that we have agreeable rules, and etc.

I am truly blessed that our boys love hanging out with their dad! 🙂

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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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