Words Matter

My husband has mentioned in the past about my attitude, and how it can be negative.  My attitude can involve not so kind words and actions.  And that is not respecting him.   It is not glorifying God.   It affects everything more than we realize. 

We are to respect our spouses.  We have to be careful of what we say.  Not so much that we don’t want to hurt him.  We are allowed to have feelings that aren’t  positive, but we are called to respond to it/them respectfully and gracefully.  We will always love our spouses but we may not always “like” them on a specific day.   Just have to remember all the good stuff about them when we get into these moments!

So I am continuously trying to work on being more positive around my husband.  To be more of an encourager, and all that.  We are to lift them up, not bring them down.  

Of course, we all fail and we all have bad days so sometimes it will get the best of us.   We could shut down or respond negatively at whatever it may be or whoever may be.  God made us imperfect and we are to better ourselves all the time. We can turn around.

We all are to remember also that God is always there for us, and it is always better to ask God to help us.  To help us choose wise words that come out of our mouths and our hearts. That he can wash away any negativity and to move forward.   We can pray for us to change. God can handle the rest.

We can ride out any toughness, because we can gain strength, courage and grace from God and share it with our spouse.   Because marriage is about US and God.  A love triangle.  Teamwork.  Remember that we aren’t out to get them or they aren’t out to get us, it is to help us or them.  We are never alone.   Responding and helping in love is the best!

About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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