Morning and Kids

Honestly,  I’m not the type of mom that wakes up early before the kids do.  I like my sleep!  We have trained our boys to sleep until at least 7 or later and then they are allowed to come to our room and wake one of us up, usually me on most days.  Daddy does get up for them at least once a week but it is  more often when he is on holidays, where we will rotate every other day to sleep in.  I’m sure this will change once the boys have hit their teen years as  they will want to sleep in then and I will get up before they do at least during the week, and get my sleep on the weekends 🙂 .

Of course the only time that I would get up early when the kids were newborns and I would need to make sure they would get fed and changed every 3-4 hours or if we have a day trip or a vacation to go to.

I get my me time when Jackson has his nap when the older boys are at school. Which then, I will either nap, watch TV or spend time with the hubby if he is home.   The other free time that I have is after the boys go to bed which is 9 pm as of late as we are approaching summertime.  Then, I will choose to do any other house work that I missed during the day, have a bath, blog, watch TV/movie or spend time with the hubby if he is on days.   Occasionally, I will go shopping on the weekends on my own if my husband is home or get my nails done.

I definitely try to do some time with God in the morning shortly after the boys have their breakfast. I will do some prayers, and invest in some time with my bible app.  Sometimes, I am too busy in the morning so I will find time later in the day or in the evening to do it.  I definitely do additional prayers throughout the day if I need to or if family/friends or my husband requests me to pray on their behalf whatever it is about.

About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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