Men & Women Dating/”Asking” Out

Honestly, I’ve always been the one for the most part to ask guys out.  Seriously.  I’m  not the type that does that whole waiting game to be asked out.  I was very verbal with my feelings. If I liked someone, I would try go up to that person and ask them out.   I wasn’t always successful. Yeah, it’s not always fun getting your heart broken.

 In the old days, it’s been the guys who would ask girls out.  You know, call up a lady and ask them out or even better ask their father permission to date them.

 I didn’t always like bringing guys home every time I had a date.  So honestly, they only know a few of the guys i dated or had a crush on.   For instance, they never met my last ex-boyfriend the one that I had lost my virginity to, that relationship was very physical.   We only lasted a month, but they thought we continued to date (because I did continue to see him sexually) until I started dating my husband.

 My best friend longs for guys who actually make the choice to ask her out, be the one to make moves on her,  pick her up,  take her to romantic restaurants and all.  She always ends up getting the guys that don’t really care, and just want the one thing.  The bad boys.  Even if she does find a nice guy, there is always something that turns her off, personality wise or physically.

 I started kissing when I was in elementary school. First kiss in like grade 2.  I was like kissing queen, but, I was still selective though.  I didn’t really do much kissing in high school. Honestly, I didn’t kiss anyone until grade 12 and truly “dated” them.

 My husband tells me that he really liked me but was really shy.  So I was the one who would go up to him and chat him up during our bowling group get together and then I would one day grab his hands and hold them and then kiss him all in the same day, and then I would wait like almost a month before we had sex.  So I was in the control boat. But  my husband did ask me to be his girlfriend, and later on his fiancé and to be his wife. All that was on his own doing.  He did end up being the one to say I love you first though. 

 Anyway,  you don’t always have to follow today’s norm.  You can just follow your heart, and trust on God.     I wasn’t really looking for marriage at 17. I didn’t think that I would find the one in my husband 14 years ago.   I was just happily having the time of my life, and just enjoying dating, and sex. I was just taking in life, and figuring out what I wanted, and didn’t want in a relationship and more.   I just got really lucky.   God sent me that person because he knew that would be the right person for me, and vice versa.   

If you want to be the one to have that courage to “ask” that person out,  pray for it, and ask God to see if that is who he wants for you.   But also follow your heart at the same time.   I dated around a little bit before my husband, so I did see all types of guys.   Also invest in a friendship with who you are interested in and do fun things with them as friends, and see what happens.  Coffee dates,  movies, whatever.  It doesn’t have to turn into anything serious right away.   A lot of my dating, it was obvious that it wasn’t going to be a long term thing.  I didn’t take it really serious with my ex-boyfriend because I knew from the get go that it wasn’t going anywhere. I was just being me, and just going with the flow.  I didn’t do the fancy restaurants and the big romantic stuff until I was dating my husband because i knew we were in it for forever.  I liked him and was in love with him and loved him (and I still do to this day!).

 I continue to learn today even in my marriage with my husband.  We don’t have the perfect marriage by any means.  We’ve had a lot of ups and downs, and what not.   Honestly,  we have gotten a lot better for the past couple years now because we’ve understood what marriage really means, and that it takes a lot for the both of us to fight for it together daily, and to choose to do that all the time.  We are continuing to do what we can to keep spicing our friendship, relationship and marriage up.  New adventures, just enjoying each other’s company no matter where we are or what we do, and etc.

 Absolutely, marriage isn’t for everyone, but whatever you choose, make sure that you are happy with that person and enjoy the time that you have with them, today and tomorrow and beyond.   People do fall in and out of love, and it happens.  I’m really blessed that my husband and I have chosen to continue to stay married, and to keep it going stronger and beautiful.  Just remember, even if you marry, continue to “date” that person.  I still love going on dates with my husband.  Doesn’t always have to be a nightly one.  Day “dates” can just be as awesome too!  🙂

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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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