Pure Eyes

I’ve discussed pornography on this blog before.   In a marriage, it’s really important to have pure eyes.   That you are completely devoted to your spouse and the Lord.  Only your heart, soul, body, and mind is given to these two people.    We are in Christ’s body. We are only to celebrate it with the person that God has designed for us to share with.   Celebrating it physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and sexually.   Sex is a really beautiful and amazing way to “connect” with your spouse.  My husband had said that sex is his favorite way to show his love to me.  He also devotedly shows his love to me in other ways too.

 If we lust into pornography, then we are not being pure and not present.  This is Satan’s work.  If we use porn to satisfy ourselves, then we are cheating ourselves, our spouse and God.

 We are to keep our eyes on the Lord and keep allowing him in our hearts to keep purity in place.  We are to be free.   We can be free with just the real pleasure involving actual intercourse with the person that we are with for eternity.  

 You can communicate through sex with touching, being loving, kissing,  and just being in the moment with each other.  You can gaze into each other’s eyes.   Eyes are the beholder of your soul.  It shows your heart.  It shows where your mind is.  It shows emotion, especially love.  This is true intimacy. God can  help you work to gain that with your spouse.

 Always keep the line of communication open verbally and non-verbally as well.  A true connection is so important.   I like being able to share myself wholly to my husband and my husband feels the same way towards me. 

 We cherish every moment that we are together.  Not every waking moment has to be sexual, but the simplicity of holding hands, kissing, talking, sitting side by side, hugging, and all.  Sure, we’ll have days where we don’t get/don’t want to have sex, but we always yearn to keep connecting with each other so that we will get to be naked again the next chance we have alone together.

 You are free to pray to God.  He knows where your heart is and where your spouse’s heart is all the time. You can pray for help in this area of sexual intimacy.   How to have energy, to show you how your spouse is attractive,  how to indicate moods, how to talk, and things like that.  God is always very happy to intervene and help us be better individually, as a couple, and more.  God is the center of our lives, and our marriage.

 Always remember that you are worthy, and beautiful.   God made us the way we are.  We aren’t perfect.  There are and will be days of failures, but as long we make the choice to try to succeed again, the closer we are to everything that God wants to offer to us in life and in heaven.

 I have been exposed to pornography in my teens and adulthood.  For the last two years,  I’ve been trying to be working away from it.  I’ll do really well for a while, and then I’ll stumble in watching it one night. I’ll feel guilty after and repent to God about it. I get back to being pure again.  it’s getting easier all the time now to stay away from Satan.  Porn doesn’t connect you to anything.  It’s just a cheap quick fix.  You are better off appreciating and respecting yourself to channeling that sexual hunger for your spouse. I have and always want my husband over anyone else. I remind myself that sex is the real deal with my husband and God does real work in you every day.  I fight for my marriage every day.  I choose to love my husband, my marriage and my spiritual walk in the Lord.  I’m not the only one who struggles in this, my husband does as well, and I believe that there are many people here in this physical world who struggle with pornography. To be pure to yourself, your spouse, and the Lord.

 Sex isn’t always fireworks.  There are days where it’s really amazing. There are days where it’s just like okay.  We have all of our lives being married and perfecting sex.  As long we enjoy ourselves and celebrate our marriage naked, it’s already beautifully awesome. 

 My husband is a true eye candy to me, in everything that he does in life, and physically beautiful as well.  I love that his body is mine, and rightfully in Christ as well.  I choose every day to be pure to my husband and to God, in all areas of our marriage and in our lives.

About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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