Happiness of Life=You!

Emotions are what YOU can control.  You can choose how you feel, and relate that to everything and everyone in life.   Of course, there will be things that mess up whatever state of mind you are in with your heart and soul as you go about life.

Happiness is a GOOD emotion to have and to share.  Happiness radiates inside and outside of you.   It can affect other people to want that joy and share that too!

Always choose to be happy now.  Don’t wait to be happy tomorrow.   If you need help, ask God to intervene in you.   He can change your heart.  He can help you see the light, and focus on the positive things about yourself,  your life, and everything else.  The Lord can help you find happiness. It is there, somewhere!  Open your heart to it.  It is so worth it to be happy than anything else.

Happiness is a beautiful feeling.  I have been positive more or less throughout my life and try to be that with friends and family that are in my life as well.   I aim to be radiate this feeling through my husband and my kids daily.

I don’t like miserable ness, depressed, distant, and all that negative stuff.  I focus on the good things.  I feel so blessed with a lot of things.  I continue to instill happiness in myself and others every day.   Life is always an adventure, and I want to keep things that truly make ME happy and try new things too!  Dreams can become reality.   You know YOU best! 🙂 You only have ONE life here in this physical world, so make it to the fullest.  Create the happiest memories, so that when you do go in peace to be reunited with the Lord, you can say yes, I did live my life with a smile!


About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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