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TV has been part of my life, but once the Internet was out, and I started using it in high school, it has more or less replaced TV. There isn’t a whole lot of shows that I watch anymore.  Just a very select few.   I still remain present with my kids, and my husband, and see family and friends when I can.

 I am able to relax to a degree where I would  let others do things in ways that worked best for them.

 I try to be positive as much as possible.  Of course, I’m not perfect. I still complain/put down occasionally.  Encouragement by voicing out strengths and successes are always better to do.  Lifting other people up, brings yourself up too!

 I am grateful and appreciative and thankful for everything that my loves ones for me and my own family and means a lot to us–both big and little things.  My parents, in-laws, siblings, and extended family members and close friends do so much more than they realize for us.

 I take the time to participate in my kids lives and watch them grow up. It is so precious and it goes so fast.  Faster than the speed of light! I find it’s crazy I have two school kiddos that is about to go into Grade 1 and SK and a two year old toddler.  

 There is joy and pleasure in our sexual connection for the both of us. Most of the time!  LOL. Sure, occasionally, I wonder if we should make love more often, but I am happy whenever the mood strikes for my husband 🙂

 There is deep joy and intimacy with me and my husband when we share our deepest selves. It is so beautiful and we are so affectionate with each other when this happens.

 I go my own way and make my own choices (along with my husband)  makes my life more fulfilling. I have always reached for my dreams and goals throughout my life.   It is part of what makes me ME.    


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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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