Love & Marriage & Your Anniversary

We’ve been together for 14 years (and married for 9 of those years) as of the 27th… yeah, it’s coming up!  I’m really excited!! 🙂

I have always found it really important that we continue to date on our anniversaries.   Absolutely, we celebrate our marriage daily. That we are thankful for it, and continue to keep working at it together.   I vowed to be his girlfriend in 2001, to be his finance in 2004, and finally to be his wife in 2006.  5 years.  from dating to be married. 

I would marry my husband again in a heartbeat, if that was our desire.  I would love for us to renew our vows someday. 

In the past, for whatever reason, most of our anniversaries always had us fighting.  Something would trigger it.   Which it was frustrating.  But for the last two years, I don’t believe that we’ve actually fought on our anniversary.   We continue to remember to fulfill our vows for each other, and why we love each other (and are in love with each other).  

A lot of our anniversaries had the old same song and dance.  Dinner and movie.  Which is fine.    We married on our dating anniversary in 2006 and honeymooned in the DR for the week.  Which was different and fun. 

Since 2013,  I’ve committed to keep making new memories and adventures together on our date nights.    We didn’t really do anything on our anniversary last year due to finances and would combine the belated celebration with my birthday.   Honestly, it was okay because earlier that January, we went away for a week in Jamaica and we really reconnected that. So I just considered it as our early anniversary celebration.  We had 7 days and nights of “dating” each other. It was so perfect.  This  year, again, finances are tight, but I am determined to go the beach with him on our actual anniversary where I fell in love for him. See the sunset and  have dinner there, provided that the weather co-operates for us to do that. I’m still figuring out what plan B would be.  Regardless,  we already have a babysitter for the boys for that day/night, and we will be out and be happy wherever we end up doing.  

 I know we’ve been talking about doing a trip for our 10 year wedding anniversary next year… .it all depends on our tax return mainly because in January (again), we are away for a friends’ wedding in Florida but I won’t consider it as an anniversary trip.  I want a separate trip where there are no other commitments for May (our anniversary month) or later in the year to really consider it as our anniversary getaway.  As much we would love to go back to Jamaica,  I still want us to travel to somewhere else new, and make new memories for this special milestone.  So we’ll see!  Adventures really help our love and marriage keep growing stronger and beautiful.  That love is really special and precious and pure, and holy, and unconditional.

 Anniversaries (especially in your marriage) is really important to honor one another.  To have them feel really special and loved.  That you still want to be there for them for the rest of their days of their life.    I’m all for reconnecting as much as you can with regular date nights, but actual vacations away alone, with just the two of you for a few days is even more awesome. Jamaica really proved us that in January 2014. We loved being able to “date” each other for 7 days straight. We really want to have more of that special “reconnection” time. So celebrating 10 years married next year in 2016 is just the extra cherry topping for our next vacation. It may be more or less delayed by a few months because of  the kids in figuring out when the grandparents are available to be there for our kids while we are away, but that’s okay. All it matters is that the trip happens before the end of 2016! 🙂   Marriage is about celebrating your adventures in life TOGETHER!  

About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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