Having confidence is beautiful.   Both on the inside and the outside.   Absolutely,  I am not perfect and neither are you.  God made us imperfect, so that we could perfect ourselves.   There is no such thing as a another person that is exactly like us.  We are made the way we are, because that’s God’s intention.

 We are to love ourselves the way we are.   We can gain confidence, by letting go of our flaws, and things like that, and allow God’s joy and beauty to grow in us.

 I am to be a God-fearing woman.  I am to unveil myself to God, and to my husband as ME in the most holy way that it should be.  But that comes with grace, compassion, love, and confidence.  You can’t love anyone else, unless you love yourself and are in love with yourself.

 Growing up I was the most fearless child and teenager.  I would do anything and everything that I wanted to do and went for my dreams.  But I went with the flow, not always with my plan.   I trusted in myself, and trusted God.

 In my adulthood, I still am somewhat fearless, but not as innocent as I was with my younger self.  I went with my heart, and I married the man that God had made and set for me so we became one and created a family of our own.   Most things have been entered in my life with my heart, but there have been some things that were more so of my mind, that was overcome with MY plan, not God’s.

 I don’t always feel beautiful.   I know that I’m not always having confidence with everything that is in my life.   I don’t have the most cleanest house.  It’s never been in me to be a clean freak like Monica on Friends.  But I’ve always had compliments how motherhood has suited me, and raising well-behaved boys, but I know that I am still learning to control my emotions in more of a loving way. I do have a temper that has been in the family, and it’s not always nice.   I kept my husband on a leash in the past.  That’s not the case anymore.   I am more confident now with him.  I trust him more.  I show him all of ME.  I do still feel a little insecure with my high sex drive, but I am reminding myself all the time that I have been more tamed with God’s help, and I just go with the flow, and try to enjoy sex whenever it happens. I allow my husband to take in the lead more with the house and the kids.  I still like being in control.    I am always going to be wired as me, but for the rest of the days of my life here in this physical world, I am to be glorifying the Lord in everything I do. It won’t always be easy, absolutely, but that is how I will get better.

It’s a ongoing process to become more of a confident woman, wife and mother to God, myself, and my family.  God continues to mold me more every day physically, emotionally, sexually, spiritually and mentally.  I focus on NOW and the future.  I want to be confident so that I could share and give that more to my husband and my boys.  I want them to be able to feel that they can be confident with themselves on the inside and on the outside in all areas of their lives and I can do that with the help of God.  I can only change myself and God can do the rest.  He has the most amazing power to see our hearts and give what we need, not always what we want to thrive here in the physical world on a daily basis.   I am to embrace beauty in this skin of mine.   God created me the way he wanted me to be.   I can pray daily to ask Him to keep molding me, guiding me, and teaching me how to live in this world in His ways.  I am not to stumble to society.  I am not called to live abide the norms.  I am to do what God calls me for me to be holy, living in Christ.  To grow and to share  love with care.


About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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