March/April Family Update

May starts tomorrow, so I figured now is the time to update what has gone on with our family the last couple months.

March consisted of us celebrating a few birthdays including Noah, Logan, Austin, along with my brother Alex, and my sister in law, Sarah (married to my older brother, Dylan).  Logan wanted to do bowling for his birthday so we made a family outing for that.   I did a mini photo shoot of the boys the next day on Austin’s birthday which is also St. Patrick’s Day.   Both Logan and Austin got to choose to eat what they wanted on their special day.  Logan and Austin had their first “friends” birthday party at the end of March break and while only 4 friends showed up, it was still a lot of fun.   Hopefully, we’ll have a bigger turnout next year but we shall see.   Isaiah and I also had a evening out with my parents, my brothers and their significant others in celebrating Alex and Sarah’s birthday.

I went over the border one night into Michigan with my parents, Alex and his girlfriend, Amanda to celebrate my cousin Joey’s marriage to Brad.  It was a lot of fun, but surely missed having my husband at this occasion (he had to work that day and the next day for OT).

I had a couple play dates with my friends, Tammy and Tanya and their kids  near the end of the month.  Jackson really enjoyed the attention and making new friends.

We also had a couple weeks of active goings to Mass in March as well.

 April consisted of celebrating Easter early on in the month.  I was blessed to do a family photo shoot for one of my friends on Good Friday and we had a good weather for it.   We celebrated Easter with my in laws, Ashley and Mason on Holy Saturday, and then with my parents on Easter Sunday.  We also managed to go to church Easter Sunday too so that was awesome.

Isaiah and I have managed to get a date night twice this month.  We saw Furious 7. The last of Paul Walker in his movie career.   So it was emotional near the end.  He passed away IRL in November 2013.  So it’s been like almost a year and half.   Then we saw Theresa Caputo. She is the star of Long Island Medium. She talks to the dead, basically, anyone that has crossed over.  She read like about 15 people that night. We were so close though. She read someone in our section.   Honestly, it wasn’t her “wow” night as there were lots that were uneasy of her, but she did have beautiful messages to share, and I hope one day that Isaiah and I have a private reading with her.  I wasn’t able to get a photo of her, but I did of her husband, Larry just before the show started.

The weather has been up and down, but I have started the process of walking the boys to school and home and we’ve managed to get a few days of park time and family walks.  I know it’ll be more regular in the coming months too, starting next month.  So I’m grateful for that.

I have  experimented with more cooking recipes for our family.  It’s mostly with chicken, potatoes and pasta.  Hopefully, I will find more fun ones to try and do.

Austin had a play date with a friend from school last Saturday.  Addison. he play with her and Logan for almost 3 hours.   Jackson had a play date on Tuesday with my friend Tammy’s son, Cody and the 2 boys she watches,  Aidan and Connor.

I have had a little bit of girl time.  Just before Easter with my best friend, Carol for like 3 hours.  Then, a couple weeks later  I went to a Scentsy open house at Melissa’s and hung out with her and Annie for a couple hours.  I did get some new bars though!  🙂  I am going to an outing tonight too to check out epicure and essestional oils and couple other things.  Should be fun. I was invited by one of the playgroup moms.

That’s about all.  More to look forward in May and beyond 🙂

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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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