Holding Hands With Your Love!

I love holding hands with my husband.    We both remember the first time.   It goes nicely with our first kiss the same day/night lol 🙂  

Mother’s Day 2001. May 13, 2001.   I had gone with the guys to watch their last bowling game of their league season.  And then because we got done early, we went to play pool, and then went downtown for whatever reason.  So when we parked,  I kept hanging around Isaiah and I somehow made the move to hold hands with him, and then, when we got to the park, we were led to have our first romantic world stopping kiss. I think it was like 15 mins, but it felt like hours.   It was so amazing.  Both hand holding and then kissing. Just sure fire electricity between us, and of course, that feeling was also present a month later, on June 16/01 when we first had sex for the first time together 🙂   It is very special, with all that precious touching.

I am a PDA girl. SO I love showing affection whenever I can, especially with Isaiah. I have been exclusively with this man for just about 14 years in LOVE and married to him for just about 9 years.    I love kissing, cuddling, holding hands, and etc even with the kids around.  We do leave the sex stuff in private of course.   Holding hands just one of the pure platonic ways of showing your love and connection to the one you love and screams love to other people.  

We still hold hands, after this long of being together.  We will on the couch, in bed, during prayers, in church, in the car, on dates, pictures, and etc.  I love it.   It’s just a beautiful thing to do, married or not with that special someone.  But it does give more hope  to last in a marriage.  

So hold hands with your special someone today, and do it every day.  IT’s a great connection with them, even after a long day.  🙂

About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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