Encouraging As a Help Meet

Providing encouragement is a good area in the position of being a help meet in your marriage/relationship with your spouse/partner to have and to keep doing that.

Encouragement brings good build up for the said person.  It is to be a joyful thing to do and experience.  Encouragement brings good vibes… positive ones at that.   Every day, and especially on hard days as well.

It can be done many ways like compliment verbally and non verbally.   In person and through emails, text messaging, cards.  Prayer can be a good source of encouragement too!  Every one loves being reminded that they are wonderful, worthy and that you love them.  Appreciation is a good one too.   You can thank and love them by elaborating why… I appreciate and love you because…  that kind of thing.     You can encourage them that God is there for them.  That he is always loyal, faithful and promises them goodness.

Encouragement provides motivation and support in achieving in whatever the said person wants to do.. .whether it’s at work, at home, with friends, family,  God, Church, and etc.  It’s a beautiful blessing.

This is simple, self-less, and priceless to do in your life, marriage, and more.  It’s not always easy to do during difficult seasons, days, and etc., but you can search in your heart to do so, and the said person can be willing to do the same for you too!  This has to be done in love.

I love encouraging my husband whenever possible.  Things that he does around the house, and outside of the house, at work, and whatever else he is up to.   A lot of this is done mostly when we are apart through text messaging.   But sometimes, I will do a random e-card or  showing my affection if he is around for it.  My husband does do this for me too.  It’s not as often as I, but I always feel warm in my heart, when I do receive it from him. Because we are each other’s cheerleaders in everything.

Encouragement brings strength to marriage.  Happiness, love, grace, and beauty!

About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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