HOME is Your Spouse

 If anyone asks me where my heart and home is…. it is my husband, Isaiah. He means the world to me.   I love being with him. I love being his company. I love being his wife. I love being his best friend.   I love spending time with him.  

We both hate every moment that we spend without each other. Mostly due to Isaiah going into work so he could provide our family. He is the breadwinner. I am the one that stays home with the boys and take care of our house. Other times would be if we have individual plans with friends, or I do photography or, whatever else is the excuse–appointments for various things–cars, dental, the kids, etc.  

We try to have any free time to be together, whenever possible. We know it is important to spend time with family, and friends, and do other duties, but we have learned that spending time together, and enjoying it really helps our marriage, and glorifies it to God too. Because that is HIS goal.

So we try to take any opportunity that whenever he is at work, to chat, on his breaks. Through text messages. He did do a brief face time back in March which was awesome. We always express that we miss each other greatly. We count down the hours to be together.

I know in the past years, that we didn’t always like to carve out time to be together, because there was distance, or whatever was the reason. We would use any free time usually for the computer/videogames/workout/friends.  

However, we always have loved each other, and now we really fiercely devote ourselves to our marriage truly, and that includes time for each other and be together as much as possible alone, and with our kids as a family.

I passionately kiss him every time he leaves for the door to work, friends, or whatever. To share that I love him and can’t wait for him to be home again. I want him to crave to be back home with me.

It is vary rare that we’re without each other in our marital bed. Most recently was in March, for a wedding. I had to go over the border for a cousins’ wedding and he couldn’t attend due to work, and overtime the following morning after the wedding. IT was really hard to be without him for the wedding, and overnight. We both had a hard time sleeping that night, without being together. So I was really happy to be back in his arms and sleep with him that next night when i returned home.   The other times, if we had a fight, I would sleep on the couch (in the past)… it rarely ever happens anymore.   I didn’t have him in our bed the first two weeks that we had Austin in 2010, because I was breastfeeding, and it would only work well, if Austin was in the bed with me. It was very brief though… i did miss my husband and so did he.   I am usually not one for co-sleeping with the kids because our room is OUR room. We need our privacy.  The other time that I remember was when I was away for a weekend with my mom in 2011.  And then, once before we were married for a night, when Isaiah had his bachelor night with the guys. (we were already living together for a year before we tied the knot).  

 Not every couple has a TV in our bedroom, but we do. We do watch TV, not as fiercely as the past, but we do have some shows that we watch together like we currently are into Games of Thrones, and we do watch movies. I love being able to cuddle and watch something with him in his arms while being in our bed.   I’m always comfortable the most with my husband in our bed, and not every night, sex happens, although I’m always grateful if it does though 🙂    My parents do not have a TV. If they watch shows, they watch it in the living room/sun room of their house.   Their bedroom is mainly sleep and/or private time.

 Anyway, I consider my husband home all the time. He is home where the heart is. I love him with all of my heart and i fiercely love every moment I have with him. Awake and sleeping. I am still dating my husband.   I fiercely crave his companionship, his friendship, his relationship, his devotion, etc. He is my life. He is what keeps me going in this life. He is what makes me want to fiercely grow as a woman, as a wife, as a friend, as daughter, as a lover, etc for the better of my life, for the better of my life, for the better of our marriage, for the better of our friendship, etc.   I fiercely want to learn more about my husband, and support him for all the days of our lives individually, as a couple, and with God as our Father.

About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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