Graceful Sex=Important

 Sex can be a vehicle to embrace love for both men and women.  You have sex, not because the other spouse deserves it, but because you yearn for it.  You can practice it gracefully through making love.  My husband and I “became one” sexually before we were married, but it is more special in our marriage, since we became officially as one in the eyes of the Church almost 9 years ago.  Sex consummates a marriage, not just on your wedding night, but for the rest of your life.

 It is hard sometimes to freely give and enjoy making love with your spouse.  There are many reasons–tiredness, kids, work, and etc.  But sex can bring connection for both partners.  It gives more closure together. Not just sexually, but also emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually.  It is tied with communication and fun. I am definitely much happier after sex, and can be affectionate more.  

 Sex gives the feeling of being loved, appreciated and valued.   Both men and women have different views on sex. Men make love to feel loved, whereas women need to feel loved to make love

 I always long to feel close to my husband. I’m like a guy in a sense. I chased him and he won my heart from the beginning.  I was the one who would make the moves to talk to get to know him in the beginning in group setting, passionately kissing him in a park, nonverbally lead him to make love to me.  He would always be thinking about me all the time, and falling deep in love with me.  He was the one though who decided when to say the three magical words, and when to propose, and more.  

 My husband isn’t the hottest man visually to anyone else, but HE IS to ME!  I didn’t care physically what he looked like. His personality, and more is what won me over, and that made the physical attraction become more sexier.  I have always had a high sex drive, and I would always be the one to indicate sex, but over the years, that has changed. I let my husband decide the reins to have sex with me. I still do tease him sometimes, and all that, so don’t fret that my sexual passion isn’t there.  It is still is, but on a more tamer scale.

  I always yearn for more, and because everything was so vanilla for a good chuck of our relationship (pre-marriage, and marriage), we are still spicing things up (or at least trying to). I gracefully a lot of the times, try to be the YES wife in the sexual department when the mood strikes for him and join him.   I don’t always feel amazing afterwards, depends on how and when the mood strikes for him, since my husband does shift work for work so sex happens at different times.    But we do have  HOT times occasionally, and I rave about it, and I feel more passionate afterwards.

 I do know that sex has been a high visibility in our relationship, regardless of our ups and downs with it, and certainly, try not let sex to be the only center aspect of our love for each other.   I always love when our love making is truly done in love, and of course it’s always a nice cherry on the top when there is true intimate passion feelings come to play with it too.

 Regardless I love physical touch, every day… kissing, hugging, cuddling, and holding hands. Whatever we do to remain close, so that there isn’t distance, but sometimes there will be distance with intercourse itself.  Whether it is me, or my husband, or both of us.  I always feel guilty regardless of the reasons. I always want us to fully enjoy becoming “one” sexually.    I do find sometimes, that more passionate feelings in the bedroom flare up more when we do have a good chuck of alone time, and get to “date” out of the house too as well doing different things.  So DATE your husband/wife, and be sure to indicate your fiery feelings to them, in a good loving way too and indicate the need to be “one” 😉  


About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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