Exercise=GOOD for YOU and Marriage!

I’m no where near a workout diva or extremely fit or anything in that category, but exercise helps!  It gives you energy, be more awake, and more happy. And yes, it can increase intimacy with your spouse.

I have been doing Zumba off and on since 2010. I pursued interest in that after I had Austin, and realized that I could be much better fitted in future pregnancies.  I mean all I did for Logan and Austin was just walking (and I would occasionally with our dog and with Logan, I was working so I walked around the office when I was able, so I wasn’t sitting at the computer all day).  But I needed to do more.  I did also for a short while, tried out the Biggest Loser, and the Wii Fit before doing Zumba, and Zumba won me over. But it was always off and on. I would be dedicated for a while,and then not doing it at all for weeks at time.   It’s 2015, and I have been much better dedicated to Zumba.  Yes, not perfect, but it’s been better than it has been in the previous years (and I think I was dedicated for a good part of 2014 too).  I was so proud of myself that I dedicated to 3 days of Zumba last week.  This week, not so much, but other things have come up. I have to remember, to try and fit in Zumba as possible.  I know there will be time tomorrow for sure.  Way too busy for the remainder of the week and Easter Weekend, but definitely will be more dedicated next week.

Working out can help you feel more sexier/beautiful.  Sex can be a workout but it can’t be the only thing LOL.  I did the Color Run last September with my husband and it was so fun. We aren’t’ runners by any means at all, but it was really awesome to be active together for just that.  We plan to do it again this year in August for the night time one.   We are also signed up for Mudder which is also in August.  It is the most intense and craziest thing I will ever do in my life, but I have to feel more achieved that I can do it.   I know my husband and I will support each other for most obstacles that we will face in Mudder. There is a couple that I would have to boycott because of my cochlear implant but will aim to try everything else.  I know it’ll be awesome regardless.  I love that my husband and I will also be active in the 5K foam fest in July.  It will be so fun!  I’m really excited!

I did become more regular with my walking when Logan started school in 2013, and I would walk all three boys there and back in the fall until the weather would get crappy for the winter, and didn’t resume the walking until May/June when the weather was nicer again.  I also did that last fall, with Austin joining Logan at school and it was great. I’m hoping resume that again very soon. Jackson will appreciate the daily fresh air and more Vit. C and I always love family walks on good nice days as well.  Maybe that’ll be an opportunity to do that today after dinner since it’s really sunny.

Anyway, exercise also glorifies God. So get out there and do what you can do, even if it’s only 15-30 mins a day.  Dance, walk, push ups, etc.  Whatever rocks your boat.  Swimming can be a great exercise too!


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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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