Pursuing Sexual Passion IN your marriage

I love sex.  There I said it.  But Sex is way more than the physical pleasure, especially in a marriage.   Yes,  Sex became making love to me way before I married my husband, because he brought me to new heights when we did it the first time, and I realized how pure and precious sex can be.  Sure,  we have been through seasons where sex changed from making love to just sex, and vice versa.

I love being able to be sexually intimate with my husband on a regular basis.   I found it so sad, in the past where sex used to be the most often when we were TTCing for our babies.  At no other times, it was just whenever my husband was in the mood, and (while it was still weekly, it wasn’t always every night).  That has since greatly changed since we had Jackson in 2013.  We almost have sex every night.  There are still times where we’re too tired (fully busy day or the kids really drained us out) or we’re just simply not in the mood.

In the bible, it is said, that it is important to be fruitful and multiply.  While sex can be used for procreation, it is NOT the only reason.  God designed sex and marriage to go together.  Sex is part of keeping the marriage flowing well.   It glorifies him when you do have sex with your spouse.   So I always remember to try and be the “Yes” wife in the sexual department 😉

I know I feel so amazing after I have been sexually intimate with my husband, and I feel more connected to him both physically and emotionally.  And happier 😉

The more often love making takes place, the less temptation there is for masturbation, pornography and the like.  I’m definitely less grumpy when sexual activity is on the uproar!  There are still issues physically on my husband side, but we are working on it, and were trying things to enhance the experience of sex on the positive side.

On the days/nights that we don’t have sex, I still make sure we have some kind of intimacy, whether is being in bed together, holding hands, cuddling, kissing, and etc., so that there isn’t any reason of distance.

We’ve had years off and on, where there was sexual distance, that factored in a lot of things: work stress, infidelity, weight, and etc. but we remained active, largely to my highly sex drive.   The only reasons that medically abstained us from sex for a certain period of time: changing BC, post-delivery of babies (although, we’ve never made it to the supposedly “6 week mark”),   vasectomy (only abstained for a week, and then used condoms for the rest of the month), stillbirth of our first son, Noah.   The only other times, is when we were in our early dating days: one month into the relationship (I wanted to make sure that our relationship was much more than physical attraction) and almost 2 months over the summer (we were “separated” due to my parents for undisclosed reasons).  The rest were usually a week or less.  

The more  you open your heart to your husband and to God, the more beautiful and amazing sex would be like and would likely happen on a regular basis.  As long in the marriage, there is mutual respect and love for each other.  It is good.  We love being together, and spending time together.   Even with being parents to three young boys, we always find a way to indulge time in our marital bed.  IT’s always obviously better when we have boys away so we could have time to “date” each other, and sex is always in the mix more 🙂

About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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