In order for me and even for our marriage to grow even more as a person, as a couple and as a relationship & friendship, we need to instill more adventure and creativity.   There is more peace, joy and love surrounding me and it extends to my husband and even to our kids.

I have been more creative lately with food.  Trying more recipes for dinner and stuff.  I’m still learning what works and what doesn’t.  I never really liked being in the kitchen at all growing up and even within the first 10 years of adulthood (with being married for most of that), but I am changing that so much.  I’ve learned that being in the kitchen does glorify God.  Glorifying your role as a wife and as a mother.  So I’m slowly bringing in more joy in the kitchen with creating more interesting dinners, sides, and the like.  I will never be a award winning chef or anything like that, but  I am trying just to spice things up in there, and give more variety to all of us. 

Adventureness: Embrace any random dancing moments.  I can be a lighting strike, boom!  Shake my body especially when my husband is around, and even in the kitchen.  Where love is embraced! I don’t even need actual music to strut around 🙂 

Also trying to embrace more things out of the box when it’s at the end of the day when the boys are in bed (and when my husband is actually on day shift).   We  played a cute fun dice game the other night (that I originally planned for V day but never got to that then) and it was interesting.  We still have yet to do the love card game, but maybe we’ll get to that this week, I hope.   

We are seeing T. Caputo.  I talked of her book, a few months back.  She is coming to our city in April for a live show tour and we got tickets for it.  I’m really excited for it.  It’s something different.

I talked to my husband about our anniversary that is coming up in May.  Usually, I’m all for fine dining dinner and really dressing up and usually a movie will come into play afterwards… but this year, I am changing that…. I really want to do roller skating.  There is adult night for roller skating t in our city that happens on Wednesday nights and luckily our anniversary falls on that particular night so that’ll be the plan. We still will go to diner but it’ll be more on a casual scale so that we are also appropriate for the skating part afterwards too 🙂  It will be so fun and creating more new memories. We’ve never done that together!

 I’m also thinking that we change things up for my birthday as well…. I’ve talked about zip lining in the past with my husband but never got around to actually doing  it. That is going to be the case this year.  I will be sure of it. We may have other people with us, but that’s okay.   I want to have a memorable birthday!  It may or may not be on my birthday night… it’s fine if it’s delayed a few days. It all depends if we do our annual family trip to Collingwood or not this year.  Regardless, it would be awesome!


About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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