2015 Family Update: Jan & Feb

Just thought it would be good to update on what’s going on in our family.  March is here.  So 2 full months of 2015 have come and gone.  We are still experimenting with Old Man Winter.  Spring is coming.  I hope it will unveil grass and early sprouts of flowers around Easter time. So we’ll see!

In January, there wasn’t too much happening. Isaiah and I did go to the Wine & Food show which was a lot of fun!  I did get tipsy that night! 🙂  The boys did make their snowman “Snowman Liam” with my husband out on our front yard. It’s actually still standing!  The boys also did some tobogganing fun near their school. We’re really close to the area.  I reunited with a couple friends through a Scentsy party.  It was a lot of fun for a couple hours.   I also got to go to dinner with an close girlfriend of mine, Annie at the end of the month. It was awesome to do that 🙂  Hopefully, that happens again soon!

February was full of love! I got to dabble into photography a little more. I did a newborn shoot for a friend of mine, who had her 2nd baby girl in late January.  It was really fun!  We did have a family swim day and we loved it. It was a lot of fun for like an hour or so!  The boys completed their swimming course.  L goes on to Sunfish while A will proceed to Salamander.   A had a tough time battling his sickness. He was sick off and on, for like two weeks or so. It was hard.  He was sick the most over Valentine’s Day weekend. It was heartbreaking.   Isaiah and I got to have our Valentine’s Date Day/Night on the actual day. IT was awesome.  An hour surprise massage with my favorite therapist.  Our bedroom was spiced up a little more romantic. Love notes all over the house. (I did this to inspire my husband :D) and we did have some awesome alone time over the course of 24 hours or so.  We had a great dinner out at Milestones. Saw FSOG which was better than we expected to be.  Saw another movie when we got home. Left Behind.  We had great gifts for each other.  SO sweet!   IT was nice to sleep in with him and enjoy early afternoon with him before we got the boys.  We spent Family Day with my parents and my brothers the next day.   Oh yeah, I did have a little Valentine photo shoot with my boys the day before Valentine’s. It was so cute! It turned out better than I thought, even with A being sick.  I’ve also been experimenting with different recipes for dinner.   One has been a full hit so far with L.  The others not so much but we’ll keep trying and find what would work more.  The boys also got their haircuts.  It was overdue.  So they look even more handsome again 🙂  We continue to have game nights. Still fun.  With just my husband and then other times with family.  It was great. 

We’ve made it to Church.  I think once or twice both months.   We continue to want to go.   As much as possible that our schedules allows.  It’s helping our entire family grow closer to the Lord and develop more of a personal relationship with Him.   Logan and Austin are getting used to Sunday School and Jackson is also getting used to babysitting.  SO we’re alone for some of the service but it is nice. It is part of our HOME.  We are all blessed with God and Jesus.  I know the boys continue with their faith at school as well since they are in a Catholic school which is great.

I look forward to what March brings for our family.  It’s already busy with our older two boys birthdays and my younger brother and my other SIL’s birthdays too.  Then there’s march break.  Also a family wedding.  It’s crazy.  So it’ll be interesting how things turn out.

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