Marriage and Sport

I have started to read another book,  Team Us: Marriage Together by Ashleigh Slater a few days ago.  I like it. It’s interesting.  At the end of each chapter, there are some Team US questions.

One of these questions found in Chapter 1,  I actually asked my husband about it last night which was:

 if you were to compare  marriage to any sport, what would it be and why? 

Ashleigh, the author in the book actually compared her marriage to curling in that first chapter.   I share the following of her thoughts about that analysis .

“You see, just like curling, marriage is a team effort that can thrive when approached with strategy, intentionally, and lots of sweeping.  At least I’ve found this to be true to my marriage.” (Slater, 21). 

 “Grace is to marriage what sweepers are to curling (I know, I sound a bit like the Sphinx from the 1999 film Mystery Men).  Just like the two sweepers’ primary job is to ensure the rock follows its projected trajectory as closely as possible, grace helps marriage  stay on that heavenward “until death do us part” course” (Slater, 23).

 “Whether it is in curling or marriage, unity flourishes when members of a team focus on and play to each other’s strengths, not weaknesses” (Slater, 26). 

“Whether it’s on the ice or in marriage, teamwork requires strategy, intentionally, sweeping and unity. It’s not always easy to stay on that heavenward “until death do us part” course.  The thing is, not only is it doable, its worth the effort.” (Slater, 31).


I now shift this analysis question of Marriage and Sport to us. How it relates to our marriage.   My husband compared our marriage to wrestling.  He loves wrestling. This is what his thoughts were.  Wrestling has a story.   It involves bad guys and good guys.  It’s switched up all the time.  In many areas of our marriage.   It has amazing highlights/moments and also worse times.  We get those too.

I personally compared our marriage to figure skating.  Because like Ashleigh said about curling. It has teamwork, strategy and grace.   You are devoted to your marriage.  You put in your worth to show grace.  It also has high and lows.  Skating has protection especially with duos.  It displays compassion and love.

We continue to fight for Team US.   Because once  you are married and it is for forever, you aren’t Team Me anymore.  Everything that you do or say is with or for your spouse, and for your marriage, and especially for God.   Marriage is God’s design.  Anything and everything done in love glorifies Him. It’s all about doing it TOGETHER!

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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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