Wife After God: My Devotional Thoughts IV

Here I am as I resume my continued soaked up thoughts from the current devotional book that I am reading through,  Wife After God  written by Jennifer Smith. Jennifer is Unveiled Wife on the internet.  Her website is http://www.unveiledwife.com  She also has a FB page.  I am currently on Day 25.

Jennifer talks about the Holy Spirit.  She mentions that it is God’s Spirit.  She explains what the Holy Spirit does for us.

“The Holy Sprit is an advocate for you, to teach you the wisdom of God, to comfort you in times of need, and to convict you when you need reproof. The Holy Sprit also comes bearing gifts, evidence of the power of God “(Smith, 109).

 The greatest gift from Spirit is love.  It has God’s motivation.  Love can be shared in our marriage through serving, encouraging, and showing one another mercy.

“The Holy Spirit is a gift, an advocate to help you navigate you through your marriage, through other relationships, and empowers you to join God in His work.” (Smith, 110).

We are called to love and respect the body of Christ especially in marriage.  Both husbands and wives are to take care of one another because they are one flesh, one body and one marriage.

“However a thriving marriage built in unity requires humbleness, selflessness, and unconditional love” (Smith, 114).

If we have these three virtues in our heart,  we will never stop trying, never stop loving and never give up.    We definitely have these in our hearts now, more so than we ever did in the past looking at our whole relationship.   We are absolutely working on our marriage daily,  we love each other more every day, and we are devoted not to give up. That is fierce!

 Jennifer also talks about Fruitfulness.  This is created in our hearts when we choose to abide in Christ and living in God’s ways.

“To abide means you submit in reverence, you accept the truth, and you remain steadfast” (Smith, 118).

“Joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control–a beautiful combination of complimenting fruit, evidence of righteousness character”(Smith, 118).

This can be practiced in marriage through our actions.  Fruitfulness can create thick love and an atmosphere of where intimacy is thriving.   It is happening in our marriage more openly now than it did in the past and I love it!  I am definitely drawing closer to both God and my husband every day!

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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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