“Chill Girl” Verses Me

Being yourself is better than the “Chill Girl”.  Someone amazing will truly love you for who YOU are. Not someone you’re pretending to be.   Chill girls are usually someone will hang out with the guys all the time and being with the “guys” like drinking, eating, and etc. Have raw casual sex (and more). But women in general do have feelings, and these girls will hide it and drown their identity in the midst of it all.  Most women do want to have a life with Mr. Right.

I love what God created me as.  I continue to transform me.  Growing up, I was adventurous.  I would do roller coasters,  fishing,  watch action movies (especially with my dad), watch thunderstorms, climb tree houses, and more but I still did a ton of girly stuff. I would paint my nails, wear girly clothes, have sleepovers with my girlfriends, and all that jazz. 

I did relate to guys more over time though. I always felt I was in tune with them than girls.  I am a bisexual, so I like looking at women like guys do (and fantasize about them). I’ve gone to strip clubs in the past and I have done some stuff (but not all the way) in the past.

 I did marry my husband because he is MY Mr. Right for many reasons (my favorite one is because he loves me for ME) so I am very much devoted to just sharing me with ONLY him. I’ve watched wrestling with my husband and play dirty card games.  While I still love going out dancing and drinking,  I still choose laid back nights at home with my husband most of the time because I LOVE spending time with him.  I still love watching action movies. Die hard anyone?  *giggles*  

I have remained  true to me because even with my hearing disability at birth, I have let NOTHING stop me.  I go for my dreams.   I still am girly.  I love shopping.  I love getting my nails and my hair done.  I love being dressed up for date nights. However,  I love being casual a LOT, because I am a stay home wife and mom (although I was more business in the past when I was still working as an administrative assistant in real estate).  You can find me donned in tank top and jeans.  I am still high maintained. I love to travel. I love fine dining.  I love make up. I love jewelry. I have grown more fond of high heels and sexy lingerie.  I love sex.  I love cuddles. I love kissing.  I love wine.  I still drink coolers, and some shots.  I work out to Zumba.  Leopard Print is my favorite look.  There is more but I think you get the idea, that I’m much more worthy and different than “Chill Girl whom is completely different person altogether”.  There is no other person that is me. So many things have molded me to be  ME.  I am to honor me to glorify my husband and God.

 I am a woman who loves being swept off her feet.  I do have feelings.  I love being married to my husband and I don’t regret getting married young at 22 and having my family early.  I find beauty in myself, my husband and my kids and yes, God.  I still have flaws but God is working with me so I can be more beautiful on the inside (as I’m already beautiful on the outside although there are some features that I don’t like but God gave me my body and I’m honoring the changes) and able to express them in a godly way for the rest of my life.  I am honoring and respecting my body and doing the same with and for my husband too.  Remember that everyone is worthy, even you and me.  At 31, I am finding more beautiful craziness everywhere and that is precious. I take in every blessing with me every day. I unwrap me and my husband every morning and soak up our kids too.

About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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