Wife After God: My Devotional Thoughts Part III

I am back to continue my thoughts into Unveiled Wife’s devotional book, Wife After God that I’m doing at the moment.  Currently on day 22. 

Jennifer says it’s more important to rely on God’s wisdom rather than your own.  It is more precious.   God is more powerful than we are!

“It is imperative to your relationship with God that you lead on Him to fill you with His wisdom so that you will know what is right, be able to stand strong, acting justly as God directs your paths” (Smith, 85).

There are many callings in the bible for women.   Jennifer shares three examples, although there are more listed in the Word of God.  We are to look through it and find what would suit best for ourselves.  Everybody has their own calling.

“Honor God with your body,  be holy, and love extravagantly” (Smith, 94).

Prayer for ourselves is important.  It helps build a intimate relationship with God.  We share our thanks, struggles,  our heart condition, and etc.  God listens and delivers in His own way.  He wants us to live life joyfully.

In order for a marriage to be Christ-centered,  we are to pray for our husbands.  It allows God to work through our marriage, and our husbands. 

“Prayer requires a heart of humility, so by devoting  yourself daily praying for your husband, you are keeping your heart softened towards him and remaining mindful of his needs ” (Smith, 101).

“Prayer is your weapon to defend the cause of Christ, His love story, and your love story” (Smith, 102).

Prayer can also be for marriage itself.  It will bring in positivity all around us and the home if we do that daily and also transform it for the better as well.

“Praying for your marriage everyday will encourage your faithfulness, bring peace to your home, and it will give God the opportunity to fulfill His will” (Smith, 105).  

I know that with my own personal prayers that I have done for the last two years, it has helped a lot. Physically, emotionally and spiritually.  God has done beautiful transformations unto me, my husband and our marriage.  We continue to grow every day. We are still building up Jesus in us.  It is amazing.  There are always areas that we struggle and are working to overcome it, so I bring it up to prayer to Him so that we can succeed in His way.

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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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